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the nerve core / Apocalypse World Campaign (Toronto, Canada)
« on: April 09, 2011, 05:42:55 PM »
Apocalypse World Campaign  (in Toronto, Canada)

Twelve people are responsible for the end of the world
They're still alive out there...

We have their names and pictures on The List.
We're going to kill every last one of those bastards!!

You in?
(thanks J.Harper for this cool premise)

Must be able to commit too 6 - 12 sessions.
4 seats only: to the first players to really want to play Characters as if they are real people.

This is an Adult game it includes (Sex(not in detail) Graphic Violence, Foul FOUL langauge!) Also messing with each others characters is a distinct possibility.

Look in "Find the Fun" forums at:


O'Flux Out!

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