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Dungeon World / Re: Stun, Debilities and taking penalties forward
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:59:03 AM »
Okay, cool, although it brings up a few more questions.

(By the way, thanks for the help!  Good to find a helpful, friendly forum.)

1) If a player rolls a six, but is assisted up to a 7, do they still mark XP?

2) I'm still a bit unclear about range and assigning negatives.  For example:

Bob the fighter is locked into melee with a nasty orc.  He swings his broadsword and misses and the orc slips in past his guard into close range, bull rushing him up against the dungeon wall.  Bob, what do you do?

a) I skewer the brute with my trusty sword!  But at this range, it's awkward; do I just arbitrarily say he can't, or should there be a -1 or something?

b) I grab my sword with both hands and smash the pommel into its head!  So... is that just standard hack'n'slash, doing normal damage?  Doesn't that make the range tags pretty much pointless, since they can always be circumvented by the fiction?  Or should/can I say that the damage is halved or something, using the weapon in that way?

c) Holding my sword in one hand, I bash my gauntleted fist into its face: normal hack and slash?  Defy Danger if the orc is wielding a dagger?  Any negatives or anything unless the player has fictionally created a backstory of fisticuffs?  Or would the punch just stun the orc?

d) I bodycheck the orc, shoving it back, and the skewer him with my blade!  Defy danger to push it back then hack and slash, or is this combining two Moves into one?

... sorry if this seems pedantic, I just want to make sure I've got the interpretation of the game right.

And thanks for the help!


Dungeon World / Stun, Debilities and taking penalties forward
« on: February 04, 2014, 09:37:10 AM »

New to Dungeon World, and possibly running my first session this weekend, and having read the rules and the guide, I've still got a few questions...

Now, as a GM move, I can (among other things) deal damage or use up resources.  Can this include things like stun, debilities or taking a penalty forward?

Here's an extended example that's popped to mind, and I'm just trying to see if I've got the Moves right: a fighter launches himself at a cave troll.  He attempts to leap onto its back, defying danger--and fails.  Instead of scrambling onto the monster's back, he finds himself plucked out of the air and slammed up against the cave wall and pinned there (Turn their move back on them).

Should that deal damage?  (Or should Deal Damage usually be a distinct move?)  Could the impact also (or should it be only?) stun him?  In reaction, the fighter wants to fight his way free (his allies being too preoccupied to help.)  Would this be a fair distinction: a -1 to hack and slash as his broadsword is awkward at this range as he tries to pommel smash the troll's wrist? 

Or would this be a case of defying danger to break free, rather than hack and slash; if he'd attacked the troll instead, looking to hurt it rather than get free, then that would be hack and slash?  Can he combine the two, hack-and-slashing the arm to get he troll to drop him, but also inflicting harm?  Or should a Defy Danger get mixed in there?

Say the poor guy fails again; now the troll pitches him across the room (separate them!), where he smashes into the opposite wall: damage that skips armour?  Or rather: he dents his sword against the troll's hide (use up their resources)--would that give it a -1 until he hammers it back into shape or finds a replacement?

Basically, I'm wondering how many moves I can trigger at once, and when it's "following the rules" to assign a -1/+1 to a move, or to give a debility.


Dungeon World / Re: Paying Nature's Price
« on: February 04, 2014, 08:30:11 AM »
Even sticking with just the damage, does it have to remain purely mechanical?  The price of the fire spirit is to get burnt--horribly.  The druid's hand becomes a blackened, blistered appendage that only the strongest magics--or reward by the spirit--can cure.  There's no mechanical penalty--the hand still works--but it adds to the fiction, and there's only so many limbs the druid should be willing to sacrifice before turning into a horribly disfigured monstrocity.  (Which, of course, could be the basis for a chaotic druidic cult...)

Similarly, an air spirit might insist on moving into the druid; every time she opens her mouth to speak, she causes devastation as elemental winds are released.  Earth might be a slow process of petrification.  Water... er, bladder issues?

New to Dungeon World, by the way--but loving the possibilities!

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