Wolves of the Maelstrom as PCs

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Wolves of the Maelstrom as PCs
« on: November 03, 2021, 06:45:12 AM »
   I'm going to be starting a new AW2e campaign soon an one of my players has expressed interest in the Child-Thing. This raises the possibility that somewhere between one and all of my other players will be Wolves of the Maelstrom.

I specifically included the child-thing playbook as an option because of the WotM, and especially a PC WotM, but now that it might be a reality I find myself a bit unsure how to handle it.

Does anyone have experience running a game for PC wolves? How did you do it? What insights did you give them into the nature and secrets of the Maelstrom? How do you play your characters as though they were real people when they aren't actually people? How do you have the characters know each other and work together when a PC wolf is hunting the child-thing?

Re: Wolves of the Maelstrom as PCs
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I haven't run for or played a Child-Thing, so I can just help you with just the last two questions.

The PC might not be a human, but they can still have humanity. Keep in mind even NPC Wolfs are Grotesques, which are explicitly described as incredibly fucked up people - but still people and subject to the "Make everyone human" Principal.

The PC Wolf doesn't have to be going after the Child-Thing. The NPC Wolves are, but you can ask the Wolf PC "So why aren't you interested in hunting the Child-Thing?" Hell, there's nothing saying they can't be allies to the Child-Thing if that's the route the players go.