Apocalypse D&D Rules

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Apocalypse D&D Rules
« on: June 25, 2010, 11:30:54 PM »
Welcome to Apocalypse D&D!

Apocalypse D&D is a mashup of traditional D&D (OD&D) with Apocalypse World. I have a great love of the dungeon crawling adventure style of OD&D. I think Apocalypse World facilitates that kind of adventure beautifully.

Current playtest rules for Apocalypse D&D:

Apocalypse D&D magic items:

Added 7/1/10: Provisional new spellcasting rules:

Adam Koebel's Apocalypse D&D Character Sheet:

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Re: Apocalypse D&D Rules
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When was the last time you updated the rules? I've got a version I downloaded, oh, maybe a month and a half ago? Also, do you have any kind of blog or such that shows your development history, other than the thread over on Praxis? Or is this going to be that now? :)

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Hi Jeff,

A month and a half ago is probably about the time I posted the latest version, but you might want to check that you have the latest. I can't vouch for anything earlier than the 3.0 version.

Apoc D&D Was played a lot at Go Play NW, and I have a lot of good feedback to incorporate into the newest version. How spells and spell memorization work is going to change.

This forum is going to be my design journal, in so far as I have one. I apologize if it's kind of sporadic. Sometimes I need to ruminate on stuff before I start talking about it in public.

If you're interested in the older thought behind ApocD&D, it's in these blog posts:

There's also some AP here:

Re: Apocalypse D&D Rules
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  Good deal, thanks much!

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Note that the character sheet doesn't have Charisma.  This is because I am an idiot.

I'll upload a fixed version soon.



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Re: Apocalypse D&D Rules
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2010, 09:26:43 PM »
I have a new version of the rules with lots of input from Tony and Adam (skinnyghost). Not sure if they're really a new version or a branching of the rules, but for now you can get it at http://www.latorra.org/dungeon-world/.

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Sage, that's fantastic work. As soon as I read the bard, I wanted to play one.

Note that there's a missing line break in the Thief Skills table, so the last option "It only takes a moment to do" appears to be part of the previous one.

I think it's interesting that you included the bard, which Tony left out, but did not include the assassin or monk. Anything in particular behind those choices?

I also like your selection of spells, in particular the fact that they present a variety of options rather than focus mostly on damage-causing spells. I do wonder if the wizard is still overly fragile, with low hit points, probably low physical stats, and poor options for armor and weapons; but I'm hoping the improved spellcasting moves will make up for that.

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Sage, your rules are superb. I recommend these to anyone who wants to play Apocalypse D&D.

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A lot of the moves are pretty harsh even at 10+. Is that by design? Like, I would hate having to bend bars, and I'd definitely never carouse.

Re: Apocalypse D&D Rules
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Nevermind about carouse, I misremembered that one. I just got the overall feeling that even a 10+ is rarely a full success without drawbacks.

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So the intent is that a 10+ is normally success with extra candy. Rolling a 10+ should generally be great. Like if you're in combat, going aggro, on a 10+, not only do you succeed, but you also get to potentially avoid damage, kill an opponent, or something similar.

The flip side is that a lot of moves assume a risky situation. Like bending bars. When you do it, maybe you break something, or make a lot of noise. These could even happen when you succeed. So maybe whether you want to bend bars or not depends on the situation. Say you're trapped in the Goblin prison. Trying to escape probably entails some risk. Or you're trying to open the portcullis that blocks the Lich's horde. Risk is part of the situation.

On a 7-9, something bad might happen. On a miss, the DM gets to just say what happens. That sounds pretty bad, right? But the DM must still stay true to the situation. Example: you're making a bend bars move to open a sarcophagus in the old tomb. It's reasonable that you might make a lot of noise and attract a wandering monster, but maybe worth the risk. It's not reasonable that the dungeon collapse on your head killing you instantly.

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Would it be possible to tell me where to get the PDF of the "Apocalypse D&D" rules ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,