Dresden Files in MOTW

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Dresden Files in MOTW
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Gooday all

Used MOTW a few times in the Dresden Files universe.

It went pretty well, developed these rules to make it sync.

6- Misses for any kind of magical use effect electric/electronic things in the area.
- If you know their True Names and use magic = +1 to rolls.
- If you break through a Thresholds = -1 to all rolls in that area/scene.

Vampire Clans
- Don?t reveal to mortals, lycans/mages are fine.  - Obey Elders.  - Respect Domains.

-Black Court (Feed-Flesh, Avoid Sunlight, Smugglers, Malformed, Sewer lairs. Secretive)
  - Destroyer (motivation: to bring about the end of the world)
     - Use an unnatural power - Appear suddenly

-Red Court (Feed-Blood, Some Bikers, Anti-Authoritarian, Rock Music. Aggressive) Rivals with Wolf Born.
  - Queen (motivation: to possess and control)
     - Escape, no matter how well contained it is - Attack with great force and fury   

-White Court (Feed-Emotion, Corporates/Aristocrats, Mansions & Brothels) Hide in plain sight.
  - Tempter (motivation: to tempt people into evil deeds)
     - Use an unnatural power - Attack with stealth and calculation

Werewolf Tribes
? Don?t reveal to mortals, vampires/mages are fine. ? Don?t eat mortals.

-Hexen Wolves (Bouncers, Mercenaries, Body Guards-Pit fights. Into Norse Mythology)
  - Torturer (motivation: to hurt and terrify)
     - Give chase ? Destroy something

-Loup Garou (Lunar cycle, Berserk)
  - Beast (motivation: to run wild, destroying and killing)
     - Display its full might - Seize someone or something

-Wolfwere / Werewolf (Couriers, Reporters, Investigators) Rivals with Red Court.
  - Sorcerer (motivation: to usurp unnatural power)
     - Hint at its presence ? Attack with stealth and calculation

Denver 2000-Before the Red Court war.

Denver 2010-During the Red Court war.
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