Angel healing themselves?

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Angel healing themselves?
« on: April 07, 2020, 04:44:30 AM »
Hi, I have a stupid question. Sorry for broken English in advance. How do you handle Angel healing themselves usually?
Especially in 1st edition where MC chooses "complication" option even at 10+
How far on a "harm clock" is usually allowed to operate on themselves if allowed at all?

Also, it said "use 0-3 stock", is it allowed to use Angel's kit with 0 stocks available or it should contain some in order to be used at all?

What's the usual consensus about those things?

I guess everything depends on group and MC but maybe there some good practice you can share, based on your experience?

For my first AW game (that being postponed again and again by coronavirus) I want to play an Angel from chopper's gang: a biker who knows how to treat wounds (and who learned how to do it by getting hurt a lot), a bit weird and short-tempered, who wouldn't mind to stir everything up, so I guess he will get hurt.

Before that we had a DW and Urban Shadows campaigns - it sort of experiment, to play a continuous story through epochs (same geographical place, factions and threats who descends from characters from the past etc; the way our apocalypse will be will be heavily infuenced by how US campaign ended and what decisions we made there). One of reasons why I chose Angel because my pals tends to play it rather safe, so I want to encourage them to play more risky by providing some medical help, but I want to investigate that matter a bit.
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Re: Angel healing themselves?
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Angel, heal thyself: Most of the Angel moves are predicated on healing someone else, and while an argument can be made that "someone" is generic enough to include the Angel, I think the text of the resulting moves point pretty strongly away from self-healing. About the only one that seems reasonable is spending a stock to speed healing at 6:00 or less.

That said, remember that an infirmary is just like a workshop, and can theoretically be used to do anything. So you can go into your infirmary and say, "I wanna keep myself from dying" and the MC is going to say, "Sure, no problem! But..." and then give you from 1-4 options joined by "and" or the blessed "or" (e.g. "you're going to need to get Shigusa to help you with it" and "you're going to need to take someone with a functioning pancreas apart to do it.")

Using 0 stock: Sure, why not! Just keep in mind that the only move that actually lets you spend a variable amount of stock is if you're trying to stabilize someone who's past 9:00, in which case a failure inflicts another point of Harm.

All of the other uses either a) specify a specific amount of stock usage (e.g. spend 1 to heal an NPC) or let your patient choose (i.e. speeding recovery of someone at 6:00 or less).
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