First Session, at last!

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First Session, at last!
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:45:42 PM »
After years of wondering about the game and pitching it to people, I finally got some takers.

It was a group of rather OSR-oriented gamers who asked me to run it for them. So, tonight, we played a first session of the game. We didn't have a very long session (2 1/2 hours), so it was perfect for character creation and the resolution of the first scenario/situation.

We had a good time! There were a few minor awkward rules moments, but not too many - I reread this entire forum before running the game (!), so I was in good shape.

A big thanks, especially, to lumpley and Rafu for all the helpful examples and rules clarifications; many of them came in handy. I also used my "spell casting hack" (posted on this forum, as well, a while back), even though no one chose to take advantage of it; every single PC who chose a tablet managed to roll doubles, so they all had a rating of 3, and it's pretty unlikely to screw up your spell's purpose with three dice on the table.

I'd write more, but I'm not sure who is still reading this forum. Leave a quick reply or some specific questions, and I'll be back with more details!

Everyone enjoyed the Colour a great deal, and our starting situation turned out to be much more challenging and excited than I expected. A power Martian wizard was finally forced to retreat when the PC who was wrestling with his half-corporeal form Transferred his companions Wounds to the wizard!