I would like to run a Jedi game with a system similar to Dogs in the Vineyard.

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I'm considering a few different options.

Reskin Dogs in the Vineyard to Jedi themed.
Add Jedi flavor to DOGS, the generic version of DitV.
Try the play test version of Before the Rebellion.

Do you have any advice about which option would work best? Does anyone have familiarity with these systems? If so, could you please give me your advice? My first thought was to use Before the Rebellion. Vincent did say, though, that there were some issues with Before the Rebellion, so that's why I'm considering other options. It would be my first choice, if it worked fine.



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I haven't played Before the Rebellion, but I have played re-skinned versions of DitV. The big thing to consider when reskinning is capturing the theme. To me, DitV is all about having the players decide how much they are willing to escalate/sacrifice to get what they want, and how their actions change them. Themes of power corrupting are important too, and I think the light side/dark side aspect of the Jedi could offer some mileage here. DitV's mechanics are not strongly tied to its setting, so it's pretty well suited to re-skinning so long as your re-skin keeps to the core thematic concepts.