The New Playbooks (Contaminated, No-one, Landfall Marine, Patron)

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Wow, I sure am glad Vincent keeps supplying us with playbooks, the emails from patreon always brighten my day and fill my head with dreams of characters yet to be born. But unfortunately I've not yet had a chance to play with any of these exciting new toys, does anyone have cool stories/notes of interest they fancy sharing? 

I absolutely adore the nod to the Marmot (the best playbook of 1st ed) in The Patron supplement.

Re: The New Playbooks (Contaminated, No-one, Landfall Marine, Patron)
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I didn't realize there was a new one - thanks for pointing it out! I'm excited to take a look.

I haven't seen a ton of discussion of those more "oddball" playbooks. Here's a bit of a recent thread about the Contaminated:

As a sidenote, the Marmot was the best playbook? Do you mean just to read, or to play? It's always looked like a bit of a gag to me; I'd love to hear about people's experiences playing it "straight up", and how that went.