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Hatchet City with my Gaming Group and my Dad

Coolest Roleplaying Story ever. His dad!

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From Saga of the Icelanders:

When you die a pagan, roll +versed, or +3 if you died in battle, whichever is higher.


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I don't, on the intuitive level that some people talk about, get Apocalypse World. I'm in my fourth campaign, there are still really obvious things that people say that revolutionise how I think about the game.

It's not just Bret's lessons that are cool. It's the whole idea of sharing the lessons people are learning. More of that please!

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A scientist talks food preservation, http://apocalypse-world.com/forums/index.php?topic=315.0, yeah, but through the link in the thread, you get this:

What happens when nature reclaims the Lower 9th Ward.



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Is it strange that you would mark experience for certain stats but not others? Maybe. Or maybe these are the things your character thinks he should be doing in order to become more knowledgeable and skilled. If his sharp is marked, he is thinking that he needs to keep an eye out more, watch people more closely, so he can get more info on what's up. He's not thinking about how he should beat people up to get better because his hard isn't highlighted.

I think this will help me to convince my player to work for gaining exp! (She only got 1 improvement while other players had 2 and 3 already).
Thanks ;).

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The entire thread's beautiful, but Mademas and Scroungemas, awesome.



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Tupacalypse World



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Ryan asks about non-obvious things about AW that you can discover by trying to hack the system and fucking it up.  There's a lot of cool stuff in this thread, but the coolest part is that Johnstone, Sage, and I seem to have had nearly the same set of revelations, independently. Blew my mind.


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A new move for seduce/manipulate/bargain, by Way.


Very cool.

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A wonderful insight on "changing the charachter type"
Ciao, I'm Ezio, from Italy.
I'm sorry for my bad english... I'll keep studying ;-)



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Evan on sex scenes: Re: How Explicit Are Your Sex Scenes? [+AP]

A sharp observation!
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octoscott's Love Letter strategy for running AW at conventions, which I now plan to do in the near future:


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Relationship Map with sticky notes


I just had to hunt through the forum for this for the second time, and since folks in the original thread were into it, I'm linking it here.