A moment of praise for The News.

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A moment of praise for The News.
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:55:11 PM »
Been reading through the extended playbooks seeing if I should open them up for my current campaign and I seriously just want to applaud the subtle choice of barter the news starts out with.

1. He starts with just 1 barter. So he can't possibly pay for his life and his shop. Obviously he is gonna pay to keep his station running which means from the start of session one he is either Hungry, Thirsty and he is losing his shit, or he is already starting in debt to a PC or NPC. A really subtle way to either tie him to a player or have him in the pocket of someone like a local drug lord or hard holder.

I'm definitely making sure that it is an available option for next campaign and will open it to my players if someone wants it .

What has been your experiences with having them in your game? Would love to see how they have changed things up for everyone .