A lush, green apocalypse

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Re: A lush, green apocalypse
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Have you guys been in a rainforest? Even with all the modern, high-tech gear you bring, and help and rescue around the corner, it far from an easy life!  The weather (as mentioned above), mud slides, flooding, insects, predators, moisture, the noises: its dangerous, often dark and always clastrophobic!

Problem thinking of scarcity? The apocalypse means the end of civilisation as we know it!  It's easy to forget that just 100 years ago in the Western world life was hard and people were dying like flies. The maelstrom be damned, I don't think I'd survive many heart beats without modern amenities such as heating, electricity, medicine, health care, transport, electronics, shopping malls and all that. The apocalypse puts us even further back, the Dark Ages are like a camping trip in comparison: there will be no roads, no trade, no universities, no common language, no handicraft.... Hell, there probably wont even be any agriculture or cattle-raising. It's a blink of the eye and then all us overweight and lazy 21st century folks are all of a sudden hunter-gatherers!



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Re: A lush, green apocalypse
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I don't see any need to sacrifice Food and Thirst as threats, even.  Just say that most of the water is radioactive, and bam! Thirst is back on the table.  Hunger can come back in too, if there's lots of dangerous animals/weather/plants in the areas you want to gather food.