A Roll20 Apocalypse World Game

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A Roll20 Apocalypse World Game
« on: October 18, 2016, 12:39:01 PM »
The Apocalypse came, it ended the world. Now we have to live on whats left.

I'd like to run a large Apocalypse game with a persistent but changing cast. The idea is to have one player playing each of the Apocalypse playbooks and each week or so, when I put up the day we'll be playing (I work shifts so it will adjust from week to week.) the first 5 players who say there free will be the cast for that weeks "Episode" (With players who haven't gotten to play for awhile getting a little boost).

To do this we're going to make a town under a Hardholder that will be at the center of our story, our titular "Apocalypse Town" that will grow, change, burn down, rebuild and...well I don't know.

Apocalypse World as a game is about building a story together, it will likely be fast, loose and chaotic. I'm thinking of an episode like structure, with most stories being told in 1 session 4-5 hour session. Episode 0 will be character and as importantly, WORLD creation, if you can make it, make it! And you'll get to help form the world you want to live in.

WARNING! I am thinking about recording the sessions and putting them up on Youtube. Why? Cause I've always wanted to try and I think it would be fun if other groups could watch and see whats been going on. Also, the game will almost certainly contain violence, sexual themes, swearing, these are all important to the setting.

Find the game here https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59420/apocalypse-town