Dealing with threat

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Dealing with threat
« on: August 30, 2016, 02:20:00 AM »
So I am having a bit of a confusion about the idea of threatening and challenging my players. For moves like Hack and Slash I know that I can deal damage to my players if they get a 7-9 or  -6 of course, but if my players after being attacked by several enemies and then roll a good Magic Missile +10 and kill one of the guys does that mean I can't deal any damage or threaten them because they rolled well or because there is multiple enemies they should be hit? I'm not sure how to ramp up the challenge or create harder enemies because if my players keep rolling really well then I can't touch them right? They could hypothetically kill an army of dudes? I ask this because my players ran into a situation where they were fighting 20 well trained warriors and I feel it should be tough but how do I do this?



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Re: Dealing with threat
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Well, they did their damage. Now everyone is looking at you to see what happens next. It's time for you to make a move. You've got some pretty threatening moves to pick from.
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