Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf

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Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
« on: October 04, 2016, 01:16:58 AM »
Vincent, Thank you, again, for this great game (and its children), I look forward to getting the full game.

While doing a quick read-through of the Basic Refbook (ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf from September 29) I noticed a few mistakes/typos. If they are also in the full PDF hopefully they can be corrected before the book goes to print.

On page 30, under Overtake Another Vehicle there are two lines that read "...vehicle suffers 1-harm ap the same".
Surely this should be "...vehicle suffers 1-harm ap from the strain." as per the corresponding lines in Outdistance Another Vehicle.

I am sure I noticed another one, but I was reading on my phone in an untenable situation, and could not make proper note. I will update this if I find more.
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Re: Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
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Thanks! Excellent catch.


Re: Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
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In the PDF from today, Oct 6, page 36 the page heading now reads: "APOCALYPSE WORLD CHARACTER MOVES --- 1", when it should - and used to - read "APOCALYPSE WORLD CHARACTER MOVES --- 4" to be in line with the other page numbers in that section. (1, 2, 3, 1?)

Though the need for page numbers here is debatable.

Re: Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
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Also - though I am not sure that this is a mistake; on page 42, when discussing the ?-harm move, the miss clause says "...overcome the -harm..." which should maybe read "...overcome the ?-harm...".

"Overcome the harm" makes sense too though in a generic way.

Re: Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
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In the basic refbook at apocalypse-world.com, go aggro reads as follows:
"When you go aggro on someone, make it clear what you want them to do and what you’ll do to them. Roll+hard [...]"
In the preview pdf of the 2nd ed book, it has the old reading:
"When you go aggro on someone, roll+hard."

Is this a mistake, or has it been updated again after that refbook was posted?

Also, in 2nd ed, the reading moves say to ask 1 anyway on a miss (and prepare for the worst, i.e. MC move). However, the examples of play for both in the book include an example of a player missing the roll, and only getting an MC move in the face immediately, without asking a question. Maybe the player gets to ask a question after the example ends, but that isn't very clear. If the intention is that the MC can do as in the example, and simply forgo the 1 question, then that should be clear.

Re: Mistakes/Typos in ApocalypseWorldBasicRefbook2ndEd.pdf
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The Battlebabe playbook and the Custom Weapon stuff on p. 232 don't actually have the same list of improvements. The names are the same but the effects are quite different in some cases. Automatic adds 'area' in the Battlebabe book and 'autofire' on  p. 232, for one example, while 3 round burst adds 'close/far' on p. 232 and '+1 harm' in the playbook. There are several others.

Similarly, though not quite in the book, some of the expanded playbooks (The News and The Waterbearer) have a Hunting Rifle listed at 2 Harm. The generic equipment list (and the Gunlugger) list Hunting Rifles as 3 Harm.

The example of Holding creation on p. 253 has an error, I think. Uncle's gang is listed as 3 Harm, but Hardholder Gangs are stated everywhere else (in this edition) to start at only 2 Harm (a downgrade from first edition), and he didn't pick the option to increase it.