Steam Powered Apocalypse (Online Game Seeks)

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Steam Powered Apocalypse (Online Game Seeks)
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:47:32 AM »
Hey all, new to the forums and (thanks to Vincent being so awesome with this 2nd edition) I have decided to try my hand at making an apocalypse of my own since my first game (a Mad Max rip) died after players just drifted into the sands and one man turned out to be a sociopath in real life as well as playing one in game.

Currently I have (I think) 3 people interested but only one has pitched any kind of idea (they want to play The Show). The game will take place on Myth Weavers as play by post and will have an update requirement of hopefully once every 3-5 days or 2x weekly. I am wanting a party of 5 but will go up to 6. If you are interested let me know here and/or PM "Anhedonia" on Myth-Weavers with the topic "2nd Edition Beta." The Hardholder will only be available to be changed into but I will work to include the MaCaluso and Touchstone if wanted and may introduce two Playbooks of my own.

Okay, Grit done, now for the pitch:

It is steam and cogs, a doomsday clock that was powered by coal mingled with steam. Factories crush souls as mad science is pushed into training yards for the good of the new states. Warlord autocracies mingled with old school Royals, inbred "Old Barter" scheming against each other, abortions of the good world twisted by radiation or man, H.P. Lovecraftian adjective molesting! It's all available at your fingertips - depending on what buttons you want to push.

Now, as for the setting. I have two ideas for you to latch onto or dismiss at your leisure. These are the prefab scenarios:

1 - Gooble Gabble!
You are part of a carnival in the mad science lands. Heavy Mary Shelly and Repo! The Genetic Opera in feel, Organ Punk with a dash of Mad Max. Skinner circus freaks, Hocus ring leaders, Savvyhead device masters, Show barkers, Chopper animal tamers, much is pretty applicable.

2 - Airships
One of the tropes of Steampunk. This needn't be pirates. You could all run a leisure vessel that gets dragged across the world in a Turbokid meets Star Trek style genre; a self sufficient city in a land of floating islands ala Baten Kaitos and Mass Effect Quarians; allied forces of bounty hunters and monster killers; whatever.

I am more than willing to entertain something else: Victoriana society with Invisibles comic influence; Girl Genius hack inspiration (w/Jaegerkin), pagan dystopian coal towns; whatever is desired can probably be done.

So, anyone wanting to test this out?

Re: Steam Powered Apocalypse (Online Game Seeks)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2016, 02:33:57 AM »
How come noone answered! Yes! I wanna check that out! I just find out about the whole apocalipse system last week, and I'm tripping with it. So please show me what you got!