Looking for Advice for people playing as a Brainer, Chopper, or Hocus

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Hi all,

I'm working on putting together some advice for players who want to get the most out of their playbooks. Ideally I'm going to take the advice and compile it into a document that will be available for everyone, and if I quote you, you'll be credited. I'm hitting up other online communities as well and am trying to do three playbooks a week till I get all of the ones that are transitioning from 1e to 2e.

That being said, what advice would you give someone who wanted to play a Brainer, Chopper, or Hocus? How can they make their character awesome? What have you seen done in your game that really made these playbooks shine?

Sorry about not actually answering your question, just commenting, but still... You need to search up the "Playbook focus" threads, by user Arvid. :)

That's a pretty broad topic! I'd say, warn any potential Choppers or Hoci that their power is external - their gang/followers are both a liability and an asset, not a mindless horde to follow their every whim.

Brainers are just weirdos. If players embrace that, all will be well.

Yeah sorry about the broadness of it. I should have focused my questions more.

I didn't know that Playbook Focus threads existed. Will definitely check them out. Thanks mates