Orkhammer 40000 Powered by the apocalypse

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Orkhammer 40000 Powered by the apocalypse
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The document
And some orky music

Yes, I am a horrible, person, and while I know that to be no defence, I want to say for the record that I was drunk, high on various narcotics, young, foolish, desperate, in need of the money, and I thought of you the whole time. (Not really.)

So yeah, roleplaying Orks from Warhammer 40000. Less like the actual fluff, more like Deffwotch

As of writhing this, I have writen the Fighting Moves from AW 2nd ed. beta into a more orky form, and am preparing more. Here is a list of other stuff I have thought out.

The agenda: To have some crazy, orky fun!

What you need:
Some players
A G&M (Gork and Mork) to rule the game
Copies of the playbooks (will be writen at a later date)
at least 2d6
a d10
Copy of the critical hit - tables from Dark Heresy 1st edition for Gettin' krumped-move and some orky laughs.

Brutal: How good the ork is for fighting and winning
Kunning: How cunning the ork is
Weird: How psychically active the ork is. The Primary stat used by playbook features and moves of da Mekboy, da Painboy, and da Weirboy.

WAAAGH!!!: Is many things, among them:
  • The gestalt psychic field generated by the orks (i.e. how many orks the PC is around of, and how powerful certain playbook features and moves are)
  • the orkish warcry
  • a move
  • a subset of battle moves
  • a battle move
  • possibly at least one playbook – specific move
  • the orkish mix of a military campaing, holy crusade, and pub crawl with some genocide thrown in for good measure.
The Orks likes to call a lot of things WAAAGH!!!

Planned playbooks
There will likely be more of them (Freebotas and Fighta' Aces FTW), but these are the ones I have actually planned. I will likely base them on vanilla AW playbooks because of the similarity of their roles.

Da Painboy – The Angel, if the Angel could make cybernetics out of scrap, spit and hope, and attach body parts that are lost or attached to other beings.
Da Kommando – The Battlebabe (Close enough). They are very sneaky
Da Weirdboy – The Brainer (Close enough) if brainer had to throw fire to avoid having his head blow up
Da Boss – The Chopper
Da Speedfreek – The Driver
Da Nob – The Gunlugger
Da Warboss – The Hardholder, or maybe The Hocus
Da Mekboy – The Savvyhead, if the things savyhead makes didn’t have to make sense to silly things like physics.

Many orks have different compulsions (other than fighting) which gives the various oddboys their unique nature. Whenever an ork player character (or a PO, Player Ork) rolls brutal, that ork gains experience. Each playbook also has a set of conditions that gives the ork experience.
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Re: Orkhammer 40000 Powered by the apocalypse
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I'm intrigued. Though the document is painful to read.

Re: Orkhammer 40000 Powered by the apocalypse
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Is the problem with language, or the fact that it wasn't nearly as coherent as I thought?

Re: Orkhammer 40000 Powered by the apocalypse
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The language, I gave up reading it a couple of sentences in. When I'm learning new rules, I don't really want to have to decipher them.