Mythos Characters ported into Dungeon World

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Mythos Characters ported into Dungeon World
« on: November 16, 2015, 10:14:13 PM »
Hey all. Someone by the name of Xefas has a bit of a cult following over on the Giant in the Playground Forums. He created a set of homebrew classes, collectively referred to as Mythos. The core idea is thus: "Wizards and Clerics are hella OP in 3.5e. Like, ridiculous. Fighters and Barbs and all the jazz are cool, but can't really hold their own against the Tier 1-2 classes."

"Let's not nerf wizards. Let's just buff everything else."

And it was so, and it was good. People have taken the idea (let's make homebrew classes that are overpowered on purpose!) and run with it, but the  Xefas' work is always... beautiful. The classes are part of a cosmology that is straight up insane, and I (and many other people) love it. I personally dislike the ridiculous 3.5 rules, so I've decided to take the classes and move them Dungeon World. Eventually I might make my own hack, but for now, this will suffice. Stay tuned for the first class 'The Teramach'.

If you're interested, the latest discussion link is



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Re: Mythos Characters ported into Dungeon World
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 10:23:17 PM »
Do not confuse what something does, for what it is. The God(dess) of War is a terrifying being, capable of laying waste to entire planets with their wrath, feared and worshipped in equal measure, fueled by endless blood and chaos.

That being is not a Titan. Neither is the Deity of Knowledge, nor the Life-Giving Gaia, nor any other creature. What they do, what they are worshipped for, is a concept.

A Titan is that concept. The God(dess) of War is good at killing. The Titan of War is the killing itself, it is the gun, blade or fist that breaks the skull, fueled by the emnity between predator and prey, between enemies that are so, so similar in nature, that each is abhorrent to the other. The tale of how these narrative-fueled beings can be to be is another, far long tale (which you can read here:, but keep this in mind.

Dramatis personae: The Monster. The Titan of Anger. Not something that is angry. It is anger.

The Teramach is a splinter of the undivine essence of The Monster, the cleansing rage that sweeps every world. Even the holiest paragons of virtue, the celestial bodies we dare to call angels, are fine-tuned killing machines. The metaverse is awash in blood, and the Monster is laughing.


Name: Omnom, Ripper, Burnt, Siddhran, Razortooth

Body – Oversized, fleshy, scarred
Eyes – Blazing, squinty, dripping, hollow
Teeth – Shark-like, blocky, fanged
Mulscles – Shredded, ripped, grotesque

Damage: 1d12
HP: 10+Constitution

Chaotic – Break the law and/or defy common sense
Evil – Enjoy… the suffering of a sentient creature
Hungry – Eat a lot of something, probably food

You may have been an elf, dwarf, halfling, or human before, but you sure aren’t one now.

Chewer – You can eat anything solid or drink anything liquid and gain sustenance from it
Pounder – Your hands and feet are nigh indestructible
Freakshow – When your very presence horrifies someone, gain 1 XP

Bonds (maximum of two):
_____ will die. Probably by my hands.
I can tell that _____ has a Monster within.

Starting Moves:
The Monsters Mythos – You gain a pool of Rage points equal to your STR+half your level. You can spend a point to turn a missed Hack and Slash roll, Defy Danger roll using Strength, Dexterity or Constitution, or any Teramach move into a partial hit. You gain one point of Rage each time you make progress towards destroying one of your Hatreds. You can also gain 1 XP per session for making significant progress in your quest for the destruction of your Hatreds. Choose two:

- The Trappings of Civilisation
- Beauty, Purity and Innocence
- Threats to Your Place in the Food Chain
- Complexity
- Imperfection

You also gain a Rage point each time you rip an enemy to shreds. By DM’s discretion, any missed roll made in pursuit of destroying one of your Hatreds may also be turned into a partial hit by expending a point. While you have at least one Rage point, you are incapable of showing any restraint in your attacks, you cannot flee from battle, and you can never, never show mercy to fallen enemies. Additionally, any creature that attacks you in any way is treated as an enemy for all purposes.

Primitive Brutality – You lose the ability to use manufactured weapons. In return, your unarmed attacks gain the messy and forceful tags, are always able to be used to Hack and Slash, and you suffer no risk for going into melee unarmed. Additionally, improvised weaponry, the random detritus of combat, are usable in a similar fashion to your unarmed attacks, however, they must have been collected within the last few moments. After a man has been killed with his own dinner table, that table's purpose, and its charm, are gone. The Teramach cannot coax more enthusiasm into it, any more than an artist can simply disgorge inspiration on command.

Scarred Flesh – You lose the ability to gain any benefit from manufactured armor or shields. Instead, you gain armor equal to your STR.

Starting gear:
The clothes on your back

Max load: 12+STR

Advanced Moves:

All-Consuming Rampage Release – The Monster is angry. Very, very angry. It's angry that it exists. It's angry that others exist. It's angry at the sky above its head, and the ground beneath its feet. Nothing has ever been made that does not make it angry. How is it not justice to repay in kind so infuriating a world? Gain a Rage point each time you enter combat, so long as it is a violent entry.

Fury Is Freedom – Spend a Rage point and suffer 1d4 damage to negate an ongoing effect you are suffering from

God-Smashing Blow – When you Hack and Slash, on a 10+ you knock your enemy to the ground

Psychotic Sapience-Brutalizing Devolution – Complexity is pain and weakness and indecision. To become the Monster is to gain the certainty never afforded to men. That terrible creature long ago tore from itself all of that which was not rage and murder, and by subtraction it became perfect and complete in its atrocity.

By letting go of your complexity, take the Stunned debility and gain a Rage point. While you have this debility, you may act normally, except you cannot speak and take -1 to INT. In return, you may spend a Rage point to turn a missed Defy Danger using INT, into a partial hit.

Raging Behemoth Charge – Enemies no longer have the drop on you, so long as you run and attack them straight away

Retribution Will Follow – Whenever a new enemy attacks you, you gain a Rage point, but you must kill them before you do anything else

Sacrosanct Blood-Titan Idol Adoption – You regain the ability to use manufactured weapons, but only if you have stolen them in combat in the last few moments. After that, you have no clue what you are doing with it.

World-Breaker Grip - When the Monster looks at the world, all it sees are things to kill, and things to kill with. The two are certainly not mutually exclusive. When you Hack and Slash while holding an enemy, you deal half the damage to the enemy you are holding.

Screaming Meat Shield (Requires World-Breaker Grip) – Enemies that you use as weapons take the full damage from being used to Hack and Slash. Additionally, any enemy that attacks you must Defy Danger to avoid hitting their ally.

Hot-Blooded Lunatic Conflagration – You become immune to non-magical fire. When you come in contact with fire, spend a Rage point to become wreathed in it for the next few moments. Any enemy that hits you or is hit by you must Defy Danger to avoid being set alight

Post Traumatic Brutality Roar – You have leverage against all sentient enemies that have seen you murder another sentient being. The leverage of course is “not being dismembered like that guy”. When you scream at them to use this leverage, roll+STR instead of +CHA. If you have the Scarred debility, you take +1 to this. For obvious reasons.

Solipsistic Reality-Rejecting Devolution - By letting go of your common sense, take the Confused debility and gain a Rage point. While you have this debility, you may act normally, but struggle to detect fine detail. You would be able notice that a ninja was sneaking up on you, but you would struggle to notice that his clothes are "black", instead of "orange", or "chair", or "quadratic meat bicycle", and take -1 to WIS. In return, you may spend a Rage point to turn a missed Defy Danger using WIS, into a partial hit.

Humanity-Reaving Psychosis Echo (Requires Post Traumatic Brutality Roar) – When you use PTBR, enemies must Defy Danger or be permanently damaged by their exposure to you. They must choose between taking -1 ongoing against you, forever, or becoming more like you. If they choose to become more like you, their alignment switches to “Evil – Enjoy… the suffering of a sentient creature”. These creatures are known as Reavers. If a group of Reavers tortures a sentient creature to death, that creature may choose to become a Reaver instead of being killed. You need never attack a Reaver if you do not want to.

Perpetual Rage Engine – When you reach the maximum number of Rage points, you increase in height and weight for the remainder of the battle. Enemies that Defy Danger to try and avoid or get away from you take -1.

Tireless Abomination Vitality – Spend a Rage point as soon as you get it to heal 2d4 hitpoints. Rage points you spend from your pool heal 1d4 hitpoints instead.

Meaningless Force-of-Nature Devolution - By letting go of your understanding of your own limitations, take the Scarred debility and gain a Rage point. While you have this debility, your hatred for living creatures transcends the physical. By spending a Rage point, you can detect any sentient, living creature within a small area for a few moments. This is not True Seeing or anything similar, you just know where they are through the residual hatred you feel for their continued existence

Rampaging Through Paper Cities – When you destroy an inanimate object with unimaginable strength, roll+STR. Take +1 if the object is in your way. It is destroyed. On a 10+, choose one:
- It takes absolutely no time at all to destroy it, you just plow through it
- You are left with a nifty improvised weapon
- The spray of shrapnel can damage nearby enemies
- The damage spreads throughout nearby connected elements, for example, you could punch a single brick in a castle wall, and the castle wall would collapse
On a miss, it is still destroyed, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to do so.

11-15 (Exalted)
Body Of Samsara's Supernal Monster (Requires Meaningless Force-of-Nature Devolution) – When you activate the hate-sense of MF-o-ND and you detect no allies, you may transform into the Body of Samsara's Supernal Monster. You double in size, the Hate-sense is permanently on, and you take +1 ongoing. If an ally enters your hate-sense field, either designate them an enemy or Defy Danger with WIS to remain Supernal. You must reroll this every time you make a move with an ally in the hate-sense field, taking -1 cumulatively for each time you have had to make the roll during the current transformation.

Land-Shaping Limitation Ignorance – Once per day, for a single moment, there is nothing you cannot kill or destroy in a single punch.

Protagonism-Devouring Legend Singularity – Enemies that you kill can never be revived. Additionally, if they can’t be killed for some reason, you can kill them. If they would come alive some time later, they don’t. If the DM disagrees with you, spend all your Rage points. The enemy dies when you kill it, and it stays dead.

Manifold Flesh-Monster Armory – You suddenly grow an additional four ‘arms’. Each ‘arm’ along with your original set, can take any form, from twisting tentacles to scything appendages to pounding fists. Your unarmed attacks gain +1 damage and the reach, near, piercing 2 tags. Your damage with unarmed attacks becomes b[2d12].

Sun-Eating Gorge-Monster Gluttony (Requires Rampaging Through Paper Cities) – When you use Rampaging Through Paper cities, you can pick two options, so long as one of them is the damage spread. When you do so, the damage is not a kick or a punch, but the tremendous pressure of your hunger, sucking in all destroyed objects or parts of objects in the area. If you manage to eat a huge amount, you may choose to vomit it up, dealing your damage to any enemies in front of you within near range.

Unconquerable Swallowed-Sun Prana (Requires Sun-Eating Gorge-Monster Gluttony, and for you to have eaten a sun) – Spend a Rage point and chose a point within far range. You breathe forth the radiance of the sun you have devoured in a line. Any enemy hit directly must Defy Danger or be incinerated, and any enemies or objects in the general vicinity are at risk of the intense heat.

Within A Perfect World, I Would Be Dead (Requires Humanity-Reaving Psychosis Echo and a large number of Reavers that worship, fear and/or hate you) – But the world isn’t perfect. When you die, the Reavers you influence begin fighting, murdering each other in a frenzy of violence. After about a month, a new alpha Reaver has arisen to take your place. They now the exact same stats, starting moves and advanced moves as you did, but will have a different name, look, race and bonds. Large portions of your memories overlay their own, as your essence claims it’s right to rule.

Untamed Apocalypse Shintai – When you take this move, your current Hatreds are removed. In their place, your new Hatred is “Everything”. You must always, always be moving towards sentient living creatures with the intent to kill them. If you do not, you go into a mindless rage until you kill the nearest sentient living creature. When you kill an enemy, you regenerate health equal to your current Rage points, and for the next few moments, instead of being reduced to 0 hitpoints by damage, you are instead reduced to 1 hitpoint.

Credit to Xefas for… well, the entire class really. And the names of the moves. And parts of the moves themselves.



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Re: Mythos Characters ported into Dungeon World
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2015, 12:06:09 AM »
Ok, heres the Anakitos. It's Mythic patron is the Sun, the Rebel Dawn, who rose up against the Empyrean on the First Day and doomed the Titans to all eternity as the bedrock of the Wheel.


Name: Kakarot, Nappa, Bardock, Turles, Raditz, Tarble

Eyes – Vibrant, violent, hypnotic, ethereal
Hair – Flowing, braided, luscious
Aura – Twisting strands, vibrating essence, soft glow

Damage: d8
HP: 8+Constituion

Societal Alignment:
Lawful – Weigh the needs of the group over the needs of the individual
(Caprice: Don’t do something you are asked to do by authority)
Chaotic – Weigh the needs of the individual over the needs of the group 
(Anxiety: Avoid making a plan or difficult decision by passing it off to someone else)

Moral Alignment:
Good – Alleviate the suffering of another
(Rage: Lash out in sudden violence against perceived injustice)
Evil – Treat the suffering of another as inconsequential
(Guilt: Avoid violence at any cost)


Starting Moves:
The Sun’s Mythos – Each move is marked with [Purity], [Conviction] or [Courage]. Each is a Fetter, a measure of how the Anakitos can uphold the lofty principles that the Sun’s power rests upon. Each Feature comes in three levels, Shining, Waning, and Broken. If a Fetter is Broken, moves relating to that Fetter cannot be used.

[Purity] is a measure of what lengths the Anakitos goes to maintaining their physical integrity. It is reduced by one rank when you take any debility, are poisoned, take more than one third of your hitpoints in damage in one hit, or spend more than a few moments in magical darkness. Purity is increased by one rank after an hour spent meditating. You cannot restore Purity ranks if you are suffering from poison, disease, or are drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

[Conviction] is a measure of your dedication to a particular set of ethics that you hold sacred. It takes the two-part form of your Societal and Moral alignment. You lose one rank of Conviction whenever you deliberately and directly act against your either part of your alignment, or convince someone else to do so. You regain one lost rank whenever you act in accordance with your beliefs, or convince another to act in accordance with your beliefs when they otherwise wouldn't. Along with losing access to [Conviction] moves, one (or both) of your alignments switches to the alternative alignment for 24 hours, or until your [Conviction] is Shining.
[Courage] is a measure of your willingness to accept challenges and threats, and attempt to overcome them even when it is inconvenient or dangerous. Quite simply, you lose a rank of Courage when you decline a challenge that is not completely impossible, and gain a rank when you complete a challenge.

Rising Sun Glory – Add half your Charisma score to maximum HP, and add the forceful tag to your unarmed attacks.

Advanced Moves:
Absolute Victory Meditation [Courage] – Each day at dawn, roll 2d6 a number of time equal to your STR. At any time, you may replace a Hack and Slash roll with one of these Arete dice after you roll. You may reroll your entire Arete pool once per day by meditating for 5 minutes.

Bravery-Inspiring Presence [Courage] - When the great calamity, the red beast, the heart of all monsters stood before the Sun, and galactic tides of horror burnt and withered his world, sending his soldiers fleeing to their deaths, he braced against the flood and did not look away. "Pray, little rebel.,” said the monster-heart, "Cast off your chains, so you may make good sport for my master."

The Sun regarded his golden chains, glimmering in the light of a burning sky. "Make no mistake, creature." He said. "My fetters withhold no strength, but weakness. Mine and others." And the monster-heart looked behind the sun, and four stars there shone, each grasping a link of the Sun's courage.

When you are face to face with a threat, with allies by your side, roll+CHA. On a 10+, choose two, on a 7-9, choose one. One a miss, still choose one but you’ve put yourself in harms way.
- Allies take +1 armor ongoing until the threat is removed
- Allies take +2 on Defy Danger rolls to avoid fear

 Corruption-Denying Integrity [Purity] – When you Defy Danger to avoid an ongoing affect, on a 10+ choose one.
- You become immune to that effect
- Take +1 forward against the source of the effect
- You impress, dismay or frighten on looking enemies

Unblemished Unity Of Mind And Spirit [Purity] – When you have any penalty to a roll from an enemy effect, take +1 to that roll

Sun-Bronzed God King Physique [Conviction] – Your damage dice increases to d10. When you spend a day in sunlight, your Strength score increases by 1 to a maximum of 18. You can also never sunburn.

That Which is Not the Light [Purity] – Pick an enemy type, take +1 ongoing against them. When dealing with your Favored Enemy, betraying a Good, Chaotic, or Lawful tenet of your Conviction never causes your Conviction to diminish. Respecting the dignity of sentient life is all well and good... unless it's them. We file those atrocities under 'The Greater Good'.

Thousand Sunbeam Array [Courage] – When you Hack and Slash with a manufactured weapon, you can Hack and Slash another enemy with an unarmed attack.

Immaculate Sun-Soul Radiance [Purity] - Your soul begins to radiate a kind of pure cosmic energy; too much to be contained in your physical form. The energy leaks out of you in a brilliant nimbus of light - almost always golden in hue, with rare exception. This light shines out to near range, and can be seen from far range, and is natural sunlight in every way. You can suppress this effect through a minute of meditation, but take -1 ongoing and cannot use any abilities with this move as a requirement. You can release your aura in an instant, which always happens if you fall unconscious. You are immune to blindness.

Infinite Supernova Strength [Courage] – When you Hack and Slash, on a 10+ the enemy is knocked to the ground. You never suffer a penalty for attacking an enemy that is larger than you.

Sky-Illuminating Sunfire Projection [Purity] (Requires Immaculate Sun-Soul Radiance)  – You can use your aura to fly.

Arms-Of-Heaven Anima Mandala [Purity] (Requires Immaculate Sun-Soul Radiance) – You gain extra set of glowing spectral arms that emerge from your aura. Attacks made with these arms gain the reach tag, and when Hack and Slash an enemy, on a 10+ you deal bonus damage equal to your CHA. If you attack an enemy with both your natural arms and your aura arms, your damage becomes b[1d8], or b[1d10] with Sun-Bronzed God King Physique. When you Hack and Slash an enemy, on a 10+ you deal bonus damage equal to your CHA

Rote Protagonism Strike [Courage] (Requires Absolute Victory Meditation) – You ready your weapon and address your posture towards a particular foe. They understand your intent to harm them, and their body responds as it always does to danger, doing what it can to prevent harm to itself. But then, within the passing of instants, they realize something utterly horrific; today, they woke up believing, as all do, that they were the central character of their own story, the protagonist whose actions were always justified, whose life was interesting and worthwhile simply because they were at the center of it, and they believed themselves to not just be some collection of particles drifting in a vast universe, living in the background of some greater being's tale - and they were wrong. You are the protagonist, not them. This is your story, and the hero always wins. It's what the audience wants, its what the writers churn out by the pounds and tons, its what sells. There was never any choice, never any possibility that your attack would fail, that they would manage to dodge it, that they could withstand it by any herculean feat of endurance, because that would mean that they matter.

Lose an Arete dice and make an attack. Don’t roll, you hit as if you rolled a 12+.

Self-Made Miracle Authority [Purity] – You gain the commune and cast a spell cleric moves. When you select this move, treat yourself as a cleric of level 1 for using spells. Every time you gain a level thereafter, increase your effective cleric level by 1.


Fiery Daystar Incarnation [Purity] (Requires Immaculate Sun-Soul Radiance) – The cosmic energy flowing from your soul is strengthened and stratified into four layers, the first extending to near range, the second to far range, the third to distant range and the fourth to extreme range. You are immune to all the effects.

Anything in the first layer must Defy Danger or be set alight and blinded if it has eyes. To avoid being blinded, a layer of material or something similar must be in place. Closed eyes will not suffice.

Anything with eyes in the second layer must Defy Danger if it looks directly at you.

Although the heat of the third layer is not enough to deal damage or blind, it does raise the temperature to uncomfortable levels, evaporating moisture into the air, and not allowing it to cool, preventing the formation of natural precipitation. If you stay in the same region for long enough without setting, crops will begin to wither, aquifers will begin to dry up, soil will dry and crack, and animals will be highly confused, possibly deserting the area.

To creatures in the forth layer, you appear as an indistinct light, like an oddly persistent sunrise or sunset.

It now takes you an hour to contain your aura, though it still takes only a moment to release it.

Sol Invictus [Conviction] – You cannot die, and damage never decreases you below 1 hit point.


It's not finished, and a bunch of the moves are still in development. Can I get some feedback on the Teramach and Anakitos?



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Re: Mythos Characters ported into Dungeon World
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2015, 05:26:17 AM »
Bump. Still looking for feedback. Currently working on a full Mythos World hack. Progress is slow, as should be expected.