A Big Red Letter Day

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Here's the most recent moves sheet (v5): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-o8fZkcmMGenpYd2h3LS0tNm8/edit?usp=sharing

There are 4 stats (Force, Cool, Magnetic, Sharp), rated from 1 to 5, which represents how many dice you roll. Dice that show 5 or 6 are a hit. The tiers are: 1 hit, 2-3 hits, Miss. Advanced move options, if we ever get to them would happen on 3 hits. Players also have a small pool of stunt dice which they can add to any roll. Stunt dice are expended when rolled.
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Cool. It doesn't seem odd that sway and bonds aren't doing much, considering the team dynamic, the game being about travelling, and plus if Keys are running that space already. Your setup questions and the session keys on your newer sheets are both pretty hot, so if they ain't broke... I suppose you could maybe require the write-in keys to relate to how your setup questions were answered? Unless you get those via special means already.

The Call a Source move, huh. At some point last year I realized that having a rating is too complicated for me, and I want a binary status instead, where a source is either useful or burned (since those are the two things that matter to me). In your game the source is like bonus dice, though, so that's already less fiddly than my original idea.

I keep wanting to "standardize" when stress is applied to characters, so it's not just "GM fiat." I feel like it should be something easier to understand from just reading the rules or whatever. Haven't had much luck.

I was initially surprised you grabbed that reaction list mainly because I put arousal on it. That's not the kind of thing people like talking about (at least in a horror context), so I would have put that pretty high on my list of "things that won't end up in another game." Sounds like you got a cool scene out of it, though.

Thanks for asking those questions. It helped me refocus.

Heh. Thanks for playtesting some stuff I'm still trying to work on myself!

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Gonna necro-bump this thread. Anyone still out there working on this? It's stuck in my head for (no joke) going on 3 years now, since super rats first posted, and I've been itching to play a more complete version.