HEADSPACE RPG now on Kickstarter (already funded!)

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HEADSPACE RPG now on Kickstarter (already funded!)
« on: October 21, 2015, 09:25:35 PM »
Hi Everyone,

After 3 years of work my first full RPG design HEADSPACE is now on kickstarter! Headspace uses the Apocalypse World engine to tell stories of hyper-competent operatives with shared consciousness fighting evil corporations in a cyber punk future.

The game funded in 11 hours and we are very near my first stretch goal where Adam Koebel (co-author of DW) will write a Neo-Tokyo setting for the game.

Headspace is a cyberpunk game where the players are operatives fighting against evil corporations. You’ll need to make use not only of your own hyper-competence but also that of your teammates by way of shared mental and emotional consciousness: the Headspace. Using this technology, you can connect to your teammates' minds and use their skills as though they were your own. There's a catch though: Everyone's got emotional baggage and digging too deeply can pull a teammates emotions into your own actions. The Headspace is the edge you need to stand against the corruption of the world, are you and your fellow operatives ready to take up the challenge and make the world a better place?