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Deep in a mysterious forest, there is a strange little town far from the prying eyes of others. The townsfolk have always been there, unchanging, living their lives trapped in a daydream. But things have changed since the Beast came. The days have become filled with sorrow and regret, the nights brimming with the aroma of death. The wickedness and lies of the townsfolk is bubbling to the surface, forgotten secrets only now being uncovered. What will be revealed in these dark times? Will the Beast be slain for good? Who will live, and who will perish?

Hello all. I've been working on a small hack for one-shot play, and would love any kind of feedback, no matter how minor. If it's good, awesome. If it's bad, let me know! If it's really, really bad, please let me know!

The rules are here:

The playbooks, or archetypes, are here:

And this is the shared move sheet, which is important to play:



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Re: Subrosa
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Am I correct in saying that the game can end after just 7 Subrosa or Illumen moves? I like how that constrains the system to one-shot status, very nice.

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That is mostly correct, but it should be 10 moves. Three rolls unlocks the second move, three moves unlocks the third, and three more to unlock "Confront the Beast". Thank you!