AW+ hack for HERO 6E

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AW+ hack for HERO 6E
« on: December 12, 2014, 12:48:37 PM »

This linked homebrew jackets an existing skills-based, 3d6-roll-low roleplaying game system (HERO System, Sixth Edition). Its purpose is to coax dramatically-inspired conversation and emergent storytelling during gameplay, while still allowing a simulation-oriented system to surprise us with itemized outcomes. It is inspired by mechanics from Apocalypse World, The Quiet Year, Psi*Run, Swords without Master, Dust Devils, The Pool, complex adaptive system theory, and game theory.

I'd love to hear any feedback: good, bad, or passive aggressive. :)


Re: AW+ hack for HERO 6E
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I have been getting some great feedback and little interest in this homebrew over at the Hero System forum. It surprises me how many simulation-oriented players enjoy a little narrative in their gameplay. :)

Re: AW+ hack for HERO 6E
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For ease, homebrew pdf is now posted at I'm killing the link after several said it "looked suspicious" as offered. Thanks.