Playbook: The Death-Seer

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Playbook: The Death-Seer
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This is based on the death-seers from Divine Blood.

"Death is a fact of life, not the end of it."


Man, woman, girl, boy

Red hair, white hair, black hair

white skin, black skin

casual clothes, ceremonial clothes, elegant clothes, gothic clothes, practical clothes

All Death-Seers have red irises and with uses of their power that require effort cause their eyes to flood with blood so that they appear solid red.



Charm +1, Cool +0, Sharp +1, Tough +0, Weird +1

Charm +2, Cool +0, Sharp +0, Tough +0, Weird +1

Charm +1, Cool +1, Sharp, +0, Tough -1, Weird +2

Charm +1, Cool +2, Sharp +1, Tough -1, Weird +0

Charm +0, Cool -1, Sharp, +2, Tough +1, Weird +1



This one:

*Guiding Light - A gate to the afterlife sits open behind you, its light reveals the touch of death in the world allowing you to see ghosts and recognize undead, other death-seers and immortals on sight. If a ghost can be convinced (or tricked) to pass through the gate, it will leave this world for good (or until it reincarnates as a newborn).


And two others:

Death's Spring - Between your guiding light and medical training, you can identify potentially terminal conditions and treat them. If a person is in a condition that threatens death, such as if they are unstable, you can roll +Sharp, on a 10+ you can do two of the following, on 7-9 you can do one of the following:

Stabilize a patient

Suppress a terminal disease

Cure a lethal poison

Heal 1-Harm

Remove a killing curse

On a miss, you make the situation worse....perhaps the medical condition worsens or perhaps someone notices your eyes change.

Use of this power causes your eyes to fill with blood as described.


Tongues of the Dead - You can manipulate any dead spirit and can even cut temporarily cut through the madness of restless spirits usually impossible to reason with.


Murder Eyes - Some death-seers bend their eyes and knowledge towards violent ends. When targeting a living being you can roll +Weird. On a 10+ you can Hold 2, on a 7-9 you can Hold 1. You can spend a Hold on the following:

Ignore the target's armor when dealing injury for the rest of the scene.

Deal +1 Harm one to the target when dealing injury for the rest of the scene.

Cause a target to become unstable the next time you deal an injury to the target this scene.

After inflicting injury on someone, the crippling injury gives +1 ongoing to other hunters attacking the target the rest of this scene.

Learn a way to kill an immortal target.

On a miss, you over strain yourself and suffer a -1 ongoing for the rest of the scene due to the sensory overload.

You may attempt this once per target per scene.

Use of this move causes your blood to fill with blood as described.


Light of the Afterlife - Due to the guiding light, you have no need for physical light. Even in total darkness you see as if it is the brightest day.


Where Death has Touched - You can see the way death has touched the people around you. You can activate this by rolling +Weird. On 10+ you can activate Hold 3, On a 7-9 you can Hold 1. You can spend a Hold as follows:

No Bystanders notice your eyes fill with blood while using the power.

You can tell whether one target has killed and whether it was a murder or death of necessity.

You can tell whether one target has witnessed death and whether the death was peaceful, violent or murderous.

You can tell one target's attitude toward death.


Drink of my Blood - You can craft a potion of your blood to give another Hunter or Ally the use of one of your moves for one scene. Roll +Weird. On 10+ you grant the use of the move. On a 7-9 you can give a use of the move but at -1, or you can give a move with no penalty but suffer 1-harm that ignores armor yourself. On a miss, something goes horribly wrong.


Natural Exorcist - When you use magic to seal, exorcise or ward away the dead, you take a +1 forward. You cannot use exorcism to force a ghost to pass on to the afterlife and defeating a ghost causes you to take a -1 ongoing to attempts to manipulate one.


Purifier - You can use magic to separate the animating spirit of an undead from its body. Mindless undead are destroyed. Sentient undead become ghosts. Such a ghost can try to acquire a new body later if it escapes and it will remember what you did.


Necromancer - You can briefly give ghosts physical form by either bridging the way for them to animate a corpse or manifesting it in the physical. Roll 10+ You manifest a form for the ghost for one action. Roll 7-9 you manifest the ghost for one action but you either take a -1 forward or suffer 1 harm to maintain it. On a miss, you fail to manifest a form for the ghost....or the ghost somehow no longer needs you to maintain its form and becomes independent...which is rarely a good thing.



Death-Seer's Philosophy: (answer the questions)

What is your stance on ghosts? (they should all pass, they're people like any other, only the harmful should be exorcised, etc)

What is your stance on violence? (do no harm, vengeance for the departed, when necessary, etc)

What is your stance on your powers? (a tool, a gift, a curse, etc)

What color is your guiding light? (black, white, yellow, grey, green etc)



Normal Weapon: (choose two)

Martial Arts - your unarmed attacks deal 2-harm

Sword - 3-harm hand

Shotgun - 3-harm close loud reload

.38 revolver - 2 harm close reload loud


(still need history and advances)