Ran a one-shot for Halloween

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Ran a one-shot for Halloween
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My brother and friend decided to pick their playbook by random roll and got a Spooky and a Summoned.


Jack the Spooky, an unattractively androgynous person with blank eyes and wearing casual clothes.

Charm -1, Cool +1, Sharp +0, Tough -1, Weird +2

Hexes, Jinx, Hunches

Dark Side: Dark Bargain, Soulless, Secrets


You the Summoned, a demonic girl who looks between 12 and 14 wearing normal clothes who leaves ashen footprints where-ever she walks (regardless of whether she wears shoes or not)

Freakishness, Should I Feel That, Absolute Badass

Gigantic Hellsword, Sledgehammer, Magnum

Apocalypse: Breaking the Seal.


The monster of the week was based on Urado from Ghost Hunt.  Basically, a rich man trying to defeat an illness by bathing in the blood of the young.  His spirit was contained when his children and grandchildren expanded the estate around the original property and creating a bizarre sort of maze out of the house.  Some renovation was being done by a new family member thinking about moving back in and managed to crack the wall into the original property.  Ghosts of the past victims have been trying to warn townsfolk away, but their warnings have become increasingly dangerous.  The actual minions of the blood bather, Ivo Schwartz, are the ghosts of his two orderlies who have been moving to abduct people in the area around to give their blood to Ivo and empower him.  Eventually he would get strong enough to leave the mansion itself and start preying on people himself.

Since the characters had insight into the supernatural that other characters wouldn't usually have, I made it less investigative and more action oriented.  They tracked down information, got "warned" by the ghosts a couple of times and attacked by the orderlies and Ivo's living followers.  Eventually they went to the estate and pushed in, You got sucked into the actual prison part of the house and ended up in battle with the monster after dissipating its servants temporarily. Jack used magic to trace the way to the crack and blow it open, arriving in time to help You avoid being dragged to the table in the center of the room and drained of her blood....who knows what demon blood would do to this thing.

After a fight in which they discorporated Ivo, Jack's bargain insisted that the Spooky grab some of the blood that Ivo bathed in before burning the table.  It was going to later tell Jack to pour the blood into the well at the center of town, but after they got out of the estate, Jack used magic to burn the blood, noting that the voice had said nothing about not burning the blood after it was out of the house.

The characters each acquired 3 advances in the course of play, Jack took the Sight and Mystic (from Initiate) while You took two Hard Case powers: Aim for the Weak Spot and Finish Him!  You's third advance went to getting +1 Cool while Jack's third advance went toward changing two of his Dark Side tags.  After his betrayal of the dark forces, he no longer has Dark Bargain and Secrets...he has Pain and Hallucinations as the source of his power plagues him for his betrayal.

Each character used two Luck points out of the three I gave them.

Ivo DID almost get You to the table and eventually made her drop her sword.  The sledgehammer eventually finished his Harm capacity after Jack enchanted You to be superhumanly fast (for a +1 effect) for a bit.

Jack used and abused (in a playful way) the Hex power to add extra effects every time he cast a spell.  He especially enjoyed "break something important" which destroyed the estate's security system, the table and the bath-tub full of blood.
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