Hack of a Hack - CSS Hercules, 4th Marine Division

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Hack of a Hack - CSS Hercules, 4th Marine Division
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:43:24 AM »
Fist, I read (and love) MightyAtom and Engimas blogs, but somehow missed this forum. Therefore I missed all the posts, discussions and some of my ideas might seem dumb.

Second, I changed some of John Harper's and Paul Riddle's material, and I am not sure if it's ok with them. So if you mind, message me and I'll take "stolen" material off the web.

This is my try at "Colonial Marines"

Some of the ideas I changed and why:
- [ATTACK] in dice pool there are always two colored dice, rest are white. Colored dice define hit location of the first bullet (player can spread other damage as he likes). Why: Too many headshots
- XP on fumbles - changed to "Murphies award" - player with most fumbles gets XP award- Why: fumbles were most important way to get XP
- Ammo Clip - for 1 gear you can buy a clip with 2 ammo. Why: we like spending ammo. Veteran clips hold 3 ammo -> players get the feeling of leveling up.
- Edited playbooks - XP awards, hit locations, more hp, armor -
- Armor - reduces wound to stress.
- Colonial armor - reduces small arms fire to stress. Mark hit location with ".", there armor is damaged
- Rank and medal bonuses - Why: players have different ways of leveling up. Good feeling for players
- Moves - might overcomplicated it. We'll see in following sessions.