New Skin: The Goblin

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New Skin: The Goblin
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Could probably use some retooling, and formatting, and not overly familiar with the system beyond what some players have explained to me and some basic reading, but having been working the last year or so on a goblin-centric RPG, I was shocked to see no one had done such a skin for this game.
so here's to the pesky wretches of the monster kingdom! open on thoughts and corrections, naturally.

People tend to think too much. They try to focus on everything at once and lose sight of what's in front of them. Simplify, and you see and act with the utmost clarity.
But when you act simply, people tend to outmaneuver you. They look down on you, or beat you, or make you feel so small they could pin you under their thumb and tell you what to do, or else. Then again, when you're in the shadow of something else, it can hide you from the rest of the things that could hurt you.

Darkest Self:

You know that the world is full of terrible things, and you're one of them. While others bear monstrous strength and unbreakable courage, whatever sad pit spat you out never meant for you to show such greatness. You grab what you need and flee for your life, hiding and cowering somewhere you can finally feel safe. You escape your Darkest Self when the danger is over, or at least someone is able to calmly assure you that it is (whether they do so with a forceful or soothing approach is up to them).

Playing the Goblin: the goblin is a wretch, a lesser being that is not quite human and loved by few. You lack the wisdom or strength of other beings, and so you must resort to more cowardly means to survive. A goblin is simple to satisfy, but in their short-sighted nature, they may resort to betrayal, lies, stealing, or swearing to serve a greater creature in order to get what they want or hide from whatever may be after them. Some will take pity on you, others will look down on your weakness. Few will argue your usefulness.

Choose a Name
Jim, Gregor, Ivan, Peter, Hobbes, Wesley, Davis, Trixie, Izzy, Drew.
a demeaning name, a hard name, an earthen name, a subtle name

circle one of each of the following lists
- jittery, quiet, hungry, weasely, lean, nimble
- darting eyes, shifty eyes, watery eyes, big eyes, clever eyes
-Origin- ancient bloodline, accursed, born of the earth, outcast from the darkness, servant of a lost master

Your Backstory:

Pick someone you've done some favors for. You have 1 String on them.
Someone shows pity on you. They gain 1 String on you, and ask them what they did for you.

Sex move: when you have sex with someone, you consider it a simple but deep bond. You may offer your partner a bond that works exactly like the Dark Master Move, granting them 3 Strings on you. You also gain 1 String on them, whether they accept or not.

Goblin Moves-
You get the move Dark Master.

Dark Master: choose 1 character to act as your Master. They may have dirt on you, or threaten you physically, or maybe they convince you they're a friend (whether they really are or not). Give this character 3 Strings on you. Whenever you act under their direct instructions to do something, act with +1 forward. The Master can spend a String to either grant you a +1 to any Move, or to force your character to attempt something you are hesitant, wary, or questioning about doing. If you flat out refuse to do something they ask, they gain 1 String on you.
When they have no Strings left on you, you are free to question your relationship with them. If you feel they do not give you adequate reason, you may choose to break the Master bond with them and escape their power. You may then either reassign the Master position (and 3 Strings with it) to another character, or simply act independently of one. Take -1 to Dark as long as you have no Master.

Pick 1 other Move:

Grovel: when you beg, cower, or deeply apologize, you can spend one string to avoid a target's wrath. It may be brief, but you will be be spared from attack for the moment, at least.

Smarter Than I Look: once per session, you can pick any character and roll +Dark. On a 10+, the player must tell you a secret about their character that you've discovered while no one was watching you. If it is useful to you, they gain 1 XP. Take +1 forward while acting on this information.
On a 7-9, the GM will give you a rumor about the character. It may or may not be true, but at least some people believe it.

Punching Bag: you’ve endured all the things the world has thrown at you and are still standing. Take +1 Armor.

Scoundrel: when you want to get a hold of something particular (anything physical that you can recognize and deduce where it is located), you can roll +Volatile (Dark?).
On 10+, you can find a way for you to get it without leaving a trace. The GM may give you conditions you'll have to fulfill to do so, but you'll know them before you decide to do so.
On a 7-9, you choose 1.
-you're treated as suspicious or untrusted by someone (the GM will choose who)
-you'll need help from another character to get to it
-you can get there with no problems, but it's not where it's supposed to be
On a miss, you're found out. You may be spotted somewhere you weren't supposed to be, or caught in the act by the target's owner.

Underhanded: whenever you attack someone who doesn’t expect it, take +1 forward. You keep this bonus until you take any harm during the conflict.

Treacherous: you can spend a string to do one thing without the notice of anyone nearby, including your Master, so long as it’s something you could possibly conceal from them.