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The original 1970's series is way superior to the remake. Although it looks dated its is really excellent. Its a bleak look at middle class England trying to survive a pandemic. The first few episodes deal wight he immediate impact of the pandemic. However at its heart is a critique of political systems including trade unionism, feudalism, and gaia theory/green living.
Written by the excellent Terry Nation.




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Mad Max - Fury Road
So excited for this!

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I mentioned this in another thread, but when LISA comes out, and even now with the vague hints to the plot, is great inspiration for a very bizarre and truly hellish postapocalyptic sausagefest. The latest trailer has even more tantalizingly excellent fuckery than I knew of from the first teaser demo and info on certain game mechanics and themes. My favorite bits that really show what this game is about are when/how the "big bad gang leader" rides on up, Brad's memories of his and Ricky's lives before all... THIS, paired with Brad's angry beatdown, (What the FUCK did you do, Ricky? Jesus...) and finally, Timmy Carrots and Percy Peas biting the big one. Death, even the deaths of your adversaries, hit hard. I think that battles always end with the same tune, "Gotta Die Sometime." Either you hear it at your victory(?) or the Game Over screen. You don't win because you're a "hero" or "special," and sometimes deaths don't mean all whole lot. One dies, the other continues fighting. It's kinda senseless, but sometimes you can't avoid it. Then the next bit of media on Greenlight is the goofy teaser from early on. "The end of humanity? ... The end of humanity." It's also interesting the see the spider mazes from the spiritual precursor make a return. Yes, that's Brad's face.

Man, I wish I'd had the money to support the Kickstarter.

There are a lot of other things I want to mention here, but it's easier for me to do them one at a time. I think I've got about 3 more things to mention here, one for the '"different" apocalypse' thread, and another idea that would work best as a new thread.

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Wow ...Really?! No one has even heard of Deathlands by James Axler? It's great sexy violent pulp (105 books so I see now) and Hiero's Journey , as far as sound tracks ...well Golgotha Tenement Blue...and Anarchy Club- album -The Way and Its Power.

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The Mechanisms have an album, [High Noon Over Camelot][http://themechanisms.bandcamp.com/album/high-noon-over-camelot] set on a dying space station which feels very apocalypse world. You've got mutated bandits, gunfights for control of a town and relics of the old world which have driven the users mad. Oh, and its also a retelling of Arthurian legends, just to make it that much better.

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Is this still a thing? Because Hal Duncan's "The Book of all Hours" fits AW so perfectly. It's sexy psychic weird queer apocalypse, and I could not recommend it more highly.

Also, Jack is the most battlebabe-y guy I've seen so far.

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I know this post is super-dead, but my world is most inspired by Samuel Delaney's opus Dhalgren. This book, to me, most accurately depicts the (my) Psychic Maelstrom. Also, this book has the same 'mystery' around what ended the world/normalcy that I bring to my game. Also lots of good anti-normative performance with race, gender and sexuality. Read it!


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This was probably already posted, but the Five Finger Death Punch cover of House of the Rising Sun defined a large chunk of how I envisioned Apocalypse World.


It's got the cars, the style, the attitude.

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Turbo Kid, available on Netflix, is a very tongue in cheek movie but it has some excellent imagery.

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