Campaign Countdown Clock

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Campaign Countdown Clock
« on: September 10, 2014, 03:02:02 AM »
This was something that I noticed in the design but I'm curious how many levels of consequence were deliberate and what the thought process was overall. The Advances chart seems to set a maximum limit on campaign length. What I mean by that is that at a maximum of 16 advances the player
1. is playing a second character
2. has no choice but to retire his original character to safety.

So if we assume that everyone is advancing at more or less the same rate, you'll eventually have a game full of second characters with all of the first ones dead or retired. That's essentially a new campaign where the second generation is dealing with the fallout of the first. As an MC, if everyone still wants to play at that point, I'd definitely consider breaking for enough years of game time to effectively start a new campaign with the second gen characters. I found that a really cool concept. The faster you improve, the faster forced retirement is looming ahead of you. From day one, every character has a 16 tick countdown clock.

Now there are also moves that put a PC in a position to give other PC's XP. Seduce & Manipulate, Insight, Visionary, Eager To Know and Oftener Right (both indirectly) and. . .um. . .the Quarantine one that gives XP for assisting him. and I'm sure there are others. Get a few of them going at once (say a Visionary and a Quarantine) and its a high speed XP factory. Is there a thought behind this that the campaign will find its own satisfying length based on how aggressively players are chasing XP?



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Re: Campaign Countdown Clock
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Good analysis.