Discern Realities VS Spout Lore

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Discern Realities VS Spout Lore
« on: September 12, 2014, 05:04:50 PM »
So, in my hack, there are just 4 attributes (STR, DEX, CHA and WIS). So i'm going for having both discern realities and spout lore to be rolled +WIS, but im not sure if its a good idea. What could possibly go wrong, apart from the aesthetical dissonance effect? (im thinking on somehow "binding" both moves into a single one; maybe adding "What i've heard about this?" to the questions. 

I really like those moves for the capacity they have on creating "setting" from the nothing, so i'd like to keep the essence of both. How do other hacks deal with the "spout lore" functions?

PD: i feel like im flooding the forum with my hack's questions lately, i'm sorry!

Re: Discern Realities VS Spout Lore
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Firstly, you have to realise you can look beyond Dungeon World's basic moves and write something totally new! In my own hack, I copied Spout Lore verbatim for one of my moves, but when I found it wasn't working for me I went back to Open Your Brain from AW and wrote something more in that vein:

Sacred Lore
When you consult your accumulated knowledge, roll+Twilight. On a 7+, the MC will tell you something interesting and relevant to the problem at hand, and they might ask you a question or two - answer them. On a 7-9, your knowledge is vague and incomplete - the GM will reveal a single missing detail at their discretion later in the scene.

On a 12+, you experience an impossible burst of insight - you can veto or modify a single element of the MC’s answer.

And yeah, it's probably worth making a thread for your hack in here!

Re: Discern Realities VS Spout Lore
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I like your move, specially the 7-9 part.
And yes, im searching for other inspirations beside DW, but even in AW there is a difference between "open your brain" and "size up a situation", both in the fiction and in rolled attribute.

All the other hack moves are already written, so im a little reluctant to make a whole new attribute (int? per?) just to make a difference on both intentions. So maybe i'll just roll with making both moves fall under WIS, and let the fiction decide if the character searches for lore, or for a deep analysis.

Maybe only a move that goes:

When you analyze your surroundings using what you feel and what you know, roll +Wis

On a 10, ask any two questions. Your GM will answer them to the limits that you can possibly reach, and may ask you how did you know it.
On a 7-9, ask only one question. Your GM may later reveal a detail that you missed or forgot.

How does it sound?

Should i add a list of possible questions?