How Good is being Good ?

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How Good is being Good ?
« on: September 09, 2014, 09:27:50 AM »

I have a little question about the player's stats. I easily understand being Bold, and how it can help me to leap into action, being Strong, and how being a strong person is useful in combat or great labor, being Wary, and how a wary person will more easily take stock before taking action, and I even imagine how being Weird can help consult the other world.

But Good. Does it mean being virtuous and kind, and that is helping you winning people over ? Do evil people never win anybody over ? Is it intended design, to make righteous ones gather people easily, and unrighteous ones be alone and unhelped ?



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Re: How Good is being Good ?
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It doesn't necessarily mean virtuous and kind, no. Nor righteous. It can, but it doesn't necessarily.

It could also mean gracious, easygoing, likeable, pleasant, polite, or couth.