Introducing Headspace, an Apoclypse Hack

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Introducing Headspace, an Apoclypse Hack
« on: September 08, 2014, 03:11:50 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to these forums, found out about them by way of The Sprawl!

My name is Mark Richardson and for the last year I've been busy developing my own RPG called Headspace which is powered by the apocalypse. Headspace is a shared consciousness cyberpunk adventure. I've run this game at Metatopia, Dreamation, Origins and GenCon. I'm aiming to develop this game for a Kickstart in Feb '15.

The short pitch,
Headspace is a cyberpunk game where the players are operatives fighting against evil corporations and make use not only of their own hyper-competence but that of their teammates by use of shared mental and emotional consciousness, the Headspace. There's a catch though: Everyone's got baggage and digging too deeply into the Space can quickly turn a simple Op into a battle for your very mind and spirit. Headspace, powered by the Apocalypse, explores the boundaries between cinematic fiction and cinematic feelings.

You can download the rules I used for GenCon 2014 here:

Here are some of the nutshell big ideas:
Mechanically the game has 3 Moves: Professional, Headspace and Improvised.

Each character has 3 skills that you are an ultimate bad ass at (think Bourne level of competence).
When you use your own skills you make a Professional Move, lower results lead to you putting additional emotional stress on the shared network.
You can also use the skills of any other character at their level of competence, this is a Headspace Move. Lower results cause Emotional Hard Choices that force you to change the narrative in complicated ways.
The last move is Improvised - When no one has anything, this functions closer to a traditional world move.

There is a lot more to it, hopefully I've sparked your interest to check it out!

Mark Richardson
Green Hat Designs