You Don't Meet In An Inn: a podcast

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You Don't Meet In An Inn: a podcast
« on: June 01, 2014, 09:53:57 PM »
My group and I are producing a podcast titled You Don't Meet In An Inn where we play lesser known tabletop RPGs. The first series we've done is Big Eyes, Small Mouth third edition. The introductory episode is an overview of the system and my partner's and mine thoughts on the game, which is why posting it here seemed the best fit. The actual play episodes start with BESM Playthrough Part 1. The BESM series is 4 episodes long including the introduction (though we're in the midst of uploading the last episode). We'll be doing more series in the future including Apocalypse World, Everyone Is John, and Fate.

You can find our twitter at

EDIT: Since not everyone is on itunes I will gladly share our alternative link [] but I also want to explain why itunes. I too am not a big fan of the program (used to use winamp, may the internet bless it and watch over it) but it's also a huge distribution network. The more downloads and positive ratings we get on itunes the more it will be advertised on there and the higher it will be on search results in the genre. So I totally understand the desire to avoid the program but if it is a possibility I would ask if you could please download from there.
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Re: You Don't Meet In An Inn: a podcast
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Very much enjoying it so far!