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Threats to the city can be threats to the character; either make them big enough to affect the character by simple force of him living there, or make them target something or someone he relies on - everything is connected in some way, it's an eco-system.


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Make no mistake, the City is important. But the characters are more prisoners of it, than the savior of it. Its a need hate relationship, the characters can not resolve their obligations without the city, yet as SINless they are trapped within it.
There is no where to hide in a AR saturated environment.

So I am working on adapting/creating my own sets of threats for the City. And Modding the way you build fronts to make them more personal. This is why the gigs and the obligation become important, and so does the Lifepath of the character.

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I love how this is churning away in the back of my mind.

Here is something I distracted myself with.

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One thing I really hate about my creative process is the constant stream of distractions. Some authors use stream-of-conciousness,  have stream-of-distractiousness.

However the distraction helps. I am gradually developing a better understanding of the Moves structure.

One of my distractins, Paranoia World (hacking old Paranoia), saw me giving every troubleshooter only access to thre moves:
Use violence to get your way
Terminate a traitor
Do something stup... dangerous in the service of the Computer.

And then having the different service firms, mutations, and secret societies giving access to different moves.

This made me thing a lot about how the moves focus gameplay, bringing me back to Sourcecode and what I want with it. Now I just need more time.

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The future is disposable.

One of the core elements of this game is the choice between machine/flesh. Now this isn't a choice your avrage UWdrone gets to make. But that is why they are drones,neh. The operators are a different breed.

New You
During the Chargen-process you need to choose between Shell or Sleeve.
A Shell is complete body-conversion to machine. A cyborg body.
  • Replacable parts (easy to upgrade, quick to repair)
  • Ablative (trade harm for damage)
  • Base Armor (Armor - 1)
  • Cheap (relativly speaking)
  • "Free" module-slots
  • Not biological (higher base Transients, reduced human function)
  • Detectable (higher base noise)
  • SOTA dependent
A Sleeve is biological body, either the original or a genetically modified vatgrown sleeve.
  • Biological (less transients, human functions unimpared
  • Scan resilent (less noise)
  • Non-alienating (less prone to Pro-human reactions from Drones
  • limited module slots
  • expensive (the vatgrown kind, your original is off course free, for the time being)
  • non-module upgrades require full replacement
  • healing takes time

Even if you do not take the step and go to a full sleeve/shell conversion (but what operator wouldn't) you may still upgrade with yourself. In fact everyone gets the P.A.N. Cyberbrain module at the age of 12 (off course some poor drones do not get this). But more than this costs Credits.
A module is an integrated piece of equipment.
-> requires slots (shell/sleeve dependent, gives Transient/noise)
-> Hard or Wet tech.
Hard tech - "classic" cyberware
  • Transient/noise
  • inexpensive
  • SOTA dependent
  • Upgradeable/replaceable
Wet Tech - genetic modifications, either cancer/virus induced or sleeve baseline
  • Expensive
  • permanent (non-upgradeable/replacable)
  • fully integrated

These will be buildeable like the Crap in ApW. With factors like cost and effect paying a big part. Sell your soul or surf along with second grade kit. Your choice.

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Typical, I get Vincent to give me my own forum and then I get stuck in the real world.

Will get on with this in a little while. Forgive me my tardiness.

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I was reading through your new threads and thinking "Damn, this would work great for the Takeshi Kovacs world" and then thought I remembered you siting Richard K. Morgan as an influence, and sure enough, I rechecked the beginning of this thread, and there he is, so obviously you're getting it right :)

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This is a brilliant setup and I hope you come back, I have been helping a Modern day Hack of late convert all of their text into a nice playbook layout and would love to help you as well if you ever want to get this back going.

Hit me up at:

tommy.rayburn at

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Thanks :)

I've been lost in the real world for like ... forever. But this is sissling on the backburner.

Once I get my new computer up and running, things may get busier :)

I might very well take you up on that offer :)