Take Stock/Take Your Bearings

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Take Stock/Take Your Bearings
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:00:34 PM »
This might've already been addressed in another thread, but I noticed these two basic moves seem extremely similar, arguably even interchangeable. Is this intentional? (As a way to encourage players to assess things more often by giving them an extra XP-earning opportunity, for instance.) It seems to me the pair could be streamlined into a single move, but I could be overlooking something here.

Besides that, very little I can say about the system that hasn't already been said. Love the Fates system in place of health, the XP gaining mechanic looks very intrguing, I really appreciate the more detailed Go Into Battle move description that explains how it works between multiple PCs and 3+ sides (was going to ask for clarification on how ranged attacks against opponents that can't return fire should be handled, but I see that was addressed in another topic). Slightly concerned about plot hook overload (I pity a MC with multiple high-rank PCs who all roll misses on their Fortunes at the same season change), though I see that's already been brought up on here.