PCs improving too fast?

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Re: PCs improving too fast?
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The sheer volume of moves is probably due to the length of our sessions which I think are on the long side relative to most people.  We tend to go for 6-10 hours.

As to the difference in amounts of moves the players are making.  I think that most of the players made a similar amount of moves just that most of the players just made whatever moves they felt appropriate but this particular player specifically focused on trying to maximize his experience while still making moves that made sense.

I may also have been allowing the players to make moves when not really necessary.  I will be aware of that for next session.


Re: PCs improving too fast?
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Yeah, that makes sense; and that seems fine to me, really, especially if the other players are also still advancing at a reasonable pace. You have some input in terms of what stats you highlight, as well, though I'd be more likely to use those to help characters who were advancing slowly (by highlighting stats they're better at using, or that tend to be more widely applicable; Sharp being probably the best example.)