Another Dark Sol Hack

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Another Dark Sol Hack
« on: October 29, 2015, 12:50:55 AM »
You're all welcome to the Google doc here.

There already exists a Dark Sun hack for AW. I don't want to stomp on the heels of Michael P... but I didn't want a setting that felt so D&D-ish, it wasn't my cup of tea. FYI, the original hack can be found here.

I love the Dark Sun setting enough that I decided to make a brain dump. I'll be making changes, etc, so don't be surprised if the document is updated periodically. If something isn't filled out, it's probably because I haven't gotten to it yet. I encourage comments and criticism while I work (thanks!).

I haven't played AW all that much... so this is very much an experiment.

A couple of notes:

    I'm using Vincent's basic moves and stats. I don't see a reason to change that.
    The character classes are all 'new', except that some of them are essentially original classes with Dark Sun aesthetics.
    You can pick a race if you'd like (or not) when you choose stats. There are recommendations included. Races provide a big benefit with some potentially debilitating flaws.
    Haven't decided on how weapons work - because they will mostly be melee-based weapons. I'll probably peek at some other hacks for some suggestions.
    Mounts = cars and bikes. Just haven't written anything about that.

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I think you forgot to include the links to the docs you mention?