Lite and nice earthsea-like hack

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Lite and nice earthsea-like hack
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Something i wrote on an inspiration moment; to have something to be played as i write "the big hack". Just finished, is not tested yet.

World of troublemakers

to cast a spell you must touch your target or look at him in the eyes; as you speak the magic words. By carrying a staff, you raise this range to anything you can see.

stats range from -1 to 3. All your stats must add to 2.

fire (also courage, spirit, life, battle, attacking, etc)
water(also illusions, empathy and mind, physical dodging, storms, ice and snow, etc)
air (also clairvoyance, astral travels, possession of friendly animals or familiars, quickness, intuitions, lightning, etc)
earth (also strenght, resisting damage, the human and animal body, metals and plants, etc)

This means that you have either powers over the element and over the facets this element represents.
Describe your actions or spells based in the fiction and your own imagination. The gm should make you roll when...

-You act against a danger or exposing to it
-You summon, command, analyze or banish an element or any facet of it
-The outcome of an action is not clear.
-You fight (usually fire in melee, air on ranged)
-You resist damage (earth)

All rolls are 2d6, and add the appropiate stat. A 10+ is a success or an advantage. A 7-9 is like a 10+ but there is a limitation, cost, danger or choice. A 6 or less is a miss, and the GM can rule whatever they want as long as the fiction allows it.
ON A 12+, your success is so overwhelming that either your action is fulfilled beyond expectations or you have a +1 to your next roll.
+1 when...

some objects or advantages will give you +1 to your rolls.

-1 ongoing when:

the spell enchants someone or something for long time
the target is unknown or mysterious to you
the target is too far
the outcome is specially difficult
the target is specially prepared for this kind of attack
etc. All this penalties may stack.

You start at level 1.

For each failed roll, you get 1 exp point. When you have exp equal to your level+2, you get a new level. Each time this happens you can raise one of your stats by 1

The idea of this game is very similar for the earthsea premise: On the first half of the story, players will recklessly use their powers and miss; and this will cause all kinds of danger and havoc (build this slowly whenever they fail or get a 7-9 on a roll). On the second half they should fix all this problems they've caused.

The setting can be any; have two fronts of danger open to give it a little color (a mad king, a threat of monsters, invasion, or disaster, etc) and for the players to have a clear threat to start acting at first.

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