Inspiration Needed re: New Skin (The Rose Bride)

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Inspiration Needed re: New Skin (The Rose Bride)
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:13:42 PM »
So, I want to make a Skin based on my favorite anime, Shoujo Kakumei Utena (a.k.a., Revolutionary Girl Utena), specifically based on Himemiya Anshii, the Rose Bride.  However, I don't want it to be too specific an emulation, so I need more source material for ideas!

While she is in many ways a relatively classic Hollow (perhaps even moreso than many of the inspirations Joe lists), I'm interested more in other themes I see in her character, such as:
  • her role as part of a strange cosmic melodrama (she may be one of a trinity that was once a one; she may be a fairy tale witch and/or princess who did some bad magic to her brother/self)
  • her ritual role as a prize to be fought over
  • the idea that whoever owns her through enough duels gains the power to revolutionize the world (a metaphor for adolescence)
  • power through being owned

I guess I have two questions and a request:

Question #1:  What other themes of Anshii's character am I missing that are highly M,#s-able?
Question #2:  What other source material touches on one or more similar themes?  I'm having trouble thinking of any that involve a high schooler gaining power by giving away ownership (two more anime/manga, maybe: Ouran Host Club and Her Majesty's Dog, but I would like to mix in some source material a little closer to M<3s's)
Request:  Any other comments, questions, accusations, poems, or manifestos re: this ;-D
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Re: Inspiration Needed re: New Skin (The Rose Bride)
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The Rose Bride is a little bit like the mortal, she is bound to someone and it is usually an abusive relationship? In like, she did not choose, but was conquered and subjulgated. Mostly the vibe I get from Anthy is that they try to romanticize her situation, but it is an abused role.

Which I think rings really really well with an princess archetype. An we know how bad the "helpless princess" image influences little girls...

Maybe you could inspire in other princess, like sleeping beauty and snow white. And I like the idea that she gives powers to the one who owns her, but is kinda powerless herself.

Do keep working on that, dude, I got really interested on the Idea! I think I would love to play that xD