Forcing people into/out of Darkest Self?

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Forcing people into/out of Darkest Self?
« on: August 31, 2013, 03:49:24 PM »
I'm working on a fan-Skin for my new precious, M<3s, and I am wanting to give the Skin one move that can force someone out of their Darkest Skin and a different one that might force someone into their Darkest Self.

I originally approached this thinking that these moves was quite overpowering, allowing one player out of all of us (MC included) to exert that much narrative control.  Thus, I tried to exert some balance to that by handing out Conditions, harm, other penalties.

I've begun to wonder if I'm not overreacting, so I thought I'd ask ya'll for ya'll's opinions.  How powerful do you think these abilities would be?  What metric are you using for power in a story game?  What is the best way to balance a move if it does involve a high-power ability?

Re: Forcing people into/out of Darkest Self?
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I'd have a hard time with a move that could force someone out of their darkest self--Darkest Selves are only interesting when you're allowed to stay in them for more than a few minutes, and the escape clauses say something about the character.  Any skin move you create should take quite a bit of time and/or have costs or consequences that reveal something about the characters.

I'm more okay with moves that cause someone to become their darkest selves--after all, the mortal has one.  But you might give it as one of a number of options, just like lash out physically, hex casting, and the death move do.



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Re: Forcing people into/out of Darkest Self?
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The issue about pulling someone out of their darkest self is that helping people is something grownups do.
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