PDF Bookbinder & Book Craft

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PDF Bookbinder & Book Craft
« on: August 23, 2013, 10:37:03 PM »
There's an old 3-post thread started by benhamill in which he asked about printing out a rulebook for binding and never got a satisfactory response. While doing research to learn about using Scribus, I found a program called PDF Bookbinder, which will divide and arrange a PDF document into signatures.
Then there's the task of binding, and it seems to be a hell of a task. This set of links to DIY tutorials compiled by people from 4chan's /diy/ might be a good start. If you're more ambitious, this is a guide to case binding.
Some may want to bind a softcover book. Brad Isaac has a decent method, but I think I'd want to try a thermal binding method. I do like his book binding device, though. This seems like a good thermal binding guide. I think I'd use Brad Isaac's book binder design to hold the signatures together and notch the signatures at the spine to get an effect similar to perfect binding, the most common paperback binding technique.
I hope this post helps someone. I might use some of this info to print and bind some digital only books someday.