13th Age Icons

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13th Age Icons
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Just reading through my copy of 13th age from Pelgrane Press. It's game world is of course stealable (just outlined enough but with plenty of "empty space" to fill in.)

But, the "Icons" story system would be very easy to import to DW, and would fit very well. Bascially, you have relationships with the major powers of the game world that the player gets to define. Then they can roll dice to see if those relationships will come into play into the next adventure/story. Cool stuff. 

Check it out if you like that sort of thing.

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Icons are a very cool idea, and it seems pretty easy to hack. Are you thinking of writing it up in some more detail?

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I don't know how much hacking it really needs. You could really just take the Icons part of the game pretty much wholesale. It's already very story-game oriented.

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I don't know 13th Age much but I like what I've read of Icons. It seems to make the heavens a dynamic situation full of needy intervening gods.

Hack-wise, relationship points could be roll modifiers for a variant of Open Your Brain or similar. 1-point relationship could mean roll+1, or roll=0 if the base for the move was roll-1.


When you cry out loudly for a god's favour or intervention, choose a number of the following up to your mana with this god.
- You maintain your relationship with this god.
- You maintain your relationship with other gods.
- You keep your self-respect.
- You need make no great sacrifice.
Reflect your choices in how you describe your petition. The GM will then tell you if this god finds your petition favourable, your cause worthy and your need great enough. If so, you get what you want.

For Petition, player characters might start with 3 Mana to distribute among 2 or 3 gods. Unless they were the Cleric or the Paladin, where they'd could load all the Mana onto one god. And then maybe 1 mana per level or maybe mana as a boon granted for services rendered.

I can also imagine objects that grant mana for use in a petition.
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Except that Icons are not gods. They are just the major movers and shakers in the world. (Sure, they usually have immense power, but they do actually walk the world.)

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@ watergoesred: Those rules could be pretty sweet for our dying gods campaign. Let's talk offline.