We stop for no one... - Special Rules for vehicles

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We stop for no one... - Special Rules for vehicles
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Hello once again. I offer a optional rule for vehicles in Minions Inc, because henchman in comics use cool vehicles to spread chaos in his employer´s name.


Every good henchman in Minion Inc, must take several driving lessons to make them useful when the boss want them to undergo a more especialized mission like kidnap millionaires in their limo or make a awesome escape with the evil organization´s car. This is not enough to keep them in the Costumed agression business for long... So they must learn to use all kinds of vehicles, no matter how large or small, if is a simple motorcycle or an advanced Razor blade flying disk, they can handle anything that moves. All minions inc characters knows all Driving basic moves when they use vehicles in a scene. After the first time they drive anykind of vehicle, start a countdown clock. When the henchman driver do a impressive breath-taking stunt with vehicle without killing himself or anyone with him, mark a segment. Everytime the pilot destroy a vehicle in a mission for any reason, erase one segment of the clock. When all 6 segments are full, erase all segments of the countdown clock and allow the character to choose one of these options as part of the improvement list:

Good in the clinch: when you Take What You Want with your vehicle, roll+improvise instead of roll+break.

Drive with Attitude: when you Read a Sitch with your vehicle, get +2 forward.

Daredevil: if you go straight into danger without hedging your bets, you get +1armor. If you happen to be leading a gang or convoy, it gets +1armor too.

It´s Impossible: when you Save Your Skin using your vehicle, you can  spent 1:1 reputation point to gain +1 forward on one roll. (If you had 3 rep, you can spent them to get +3 bonus in one roll).

Custom ride: Everytime you use an experimental Vehicle, you can cancel the Unstable tag for one chase scene per mission OR give +1Dx to the Mad Lab Assistant to spent 4-barter for free to create extra weapons and other stuff in your vehicle. All modifications (include the removal of the unstable tag) in your vehicle remain until the end of the mission or until the vehicle is destroyed whatever comes first.  

To acquire another driving special move, the character must undergo the same process.  

Only one move uses a vehicle’s stat profile:

When behind the wheel...
...if you Take What You Want, add your Vehicle’s power to your Break.
...if you Plan for the Worst, add your Vehicle´s power to your Improvise.
...if you try to Remove an Obstacle, add your Vehicle’s power to your Analyse.
...if you Save Your Skin, add your Vehicle’s power to your Evade.
...if you try to seduce or manipulate someone, add your Vehicle’s looks to your Persuade.
...if you help or interfere with someone, add your car’s power to your Dx.
...if someone interferes with you, add your car’s weakness to their Dx.

End of Part 1.
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Re: We stop for no one... - Special Rules for vehicles
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Part 2 - The Garage

Choose one of these profiles for Large vehicles:
• Power+2 looks+1 1-armor weakness+1
• Power+2 looks+2 0-armor weakness+1
• Power+1 looks+2 1-armor weakness+1
• Power+2 looks+1 2-armor weakness+2

If you choose an small vehicle, pick this profile:
Power+1  looks+1   0-armor    weakness+1

a) Large Vehicles

Choose its frame:
Coupe, compact, sedan, jeep, pickup, van,
semi, bus, limo, ambulance, 4x4, tractor,
construction/utility, walker, fighter jet, flying plataform, tank, UFO, speedboat, mini-sub or anything your employer had hidden in the organization´s garage.

Choose its strength or strengths:
Fast, rugged, aggressive, tight, huge,
off-road, responsive, uncomplaining, capacious,
workhorse, easily repaired. Choose as many as
its power.

Choose its look or looks:
Sleek, vintage, pristine, powerful, luxe,
flashy, muscular, quirky, pretty, handcrafted,
spikes & plates, garish. Choose as many as its

Choose its weakness or weaknesses:
Slow, fragile, sloppy, lazy, cramped, picky,
guzzler, unreliable, loud, rabbity. Choose as
many as its weakness.

b) Small Vehicles
Strengths (choose 1 or 2): fast, rugged,
aggressive, tight, huge, responsive.

Looks (choose 1 or 2): sleek, vintage,
massively chopped, roaring, fat-ass, muscular,
flashy, luxe.

Weakness (choose 1): slow, sloppy, guzzler,
skinny, bucking, lazy, unreliable.

Vehicles’ descriptions are all simple cues, for
you to use in what you say. It’s your responsibility
to give them their significance, in your
moves and in your misdirection.

A Mad lab Assistant can use any large or small vehicle  to change it to a Experimental Vehicle (or Vehicle toybox as some labrats call them) to create more extreme vehicles than cars and bikes, with stats up to +3.

To build your Experimental Vehicle...
Choose 3:
• Surveillance toys (worn tag close far area
hi-tech reload refill remote)
• Communication toys (worn implanted far
hi-tech valuable area remote)
• Booby traps (1–3harm s-harm loud messy area
reload refill infinite remote)
• Weaponry (1–6harm s-harm 1–3armor close far
loud messy area reload hand valuable infinite
hi-tech ap)
• Heavy equipment (loud hi-tech remote
power+1–3 looks+1–2 1–3armor weakness+1–2)
• Weirdtech (hi-tech tag intimate area close
far hand 1–2harm s-harm worn loud implanted
reload refill infinite ap remote)
• Vehicles (power+1–3 looks+1–3 1–3armor
• Library (valuable +bonus)
• Chemlab (applied refill s-harm 1–3harm area
heal-n hi-tech)
Use your toyboxes by creating particular pieces of gear. Create a writeup with the MC’s oversight; mix and match attributes to suit. (Look at the rest of the gear in this book for examples.) The MC will tell you how much time and resources creating it will consume.

Remember, we are in the Costumed Agression Business, all Comic Books Pseudo-science/alchemic magic are welcome. If you want a car to change form to a super robot, No problem. If you need an exotic flying broom with turbo, you are in the right place... Be creative.

Re: We stop for no one... - Special Rules for vehicles
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Nice work.  I really like your experimental add-ons.