LOOM WORLD hack. Problems about the damage

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LOOM WORLD hack. Problems about the damage
« on: July 26, 2014, 12:45:42 PM »
Hi! im new to this place.
I was trying to humbly make a hack of dw/aw in the world of Loom (the Lucas Arts 1980 videogame).

That world features a land divided in "guilds"; cities entirely devoted to one and just one craft: weavers, blacksmiths, miners, assasins, musicians, glassmakers, lawyers, etc.

The idea is that players are young guildmen looking to practise their crafts and searching for the "patterns" (the spells equivalent) that can be imbued in their works.

I can share some of the work i have until now, if somebody is interested. But for now, i'd like to ask some help in the subject of Damage.

As there are no conventional classes (who fights best, a carpenter or a shepard?), i dont know how to assign damage dice. Im thinking on removing piercing tags and +1 tags from weapons and making straight different dice for each weapon. (fists:1d6 non lethal, clubs 1d8, swords 1d10, blacksmiths finest masterwork 1d12).

How would this affect the system?

also, due to armor will be very scarce on this world, im thinking on making the DEX modifier adding to the armor on received blows. Any thoughts?

HP for each human is temporarily set on 6+HARD

Re: LOOM WORLD hack. Problems about the damage
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Given that in lucasarts games the player characters don't die, that seems like a lot of fixation on the damage system.  I'd take a step back and look at other hacks that deal with harm more narratively, like Sagas of the Icelanders or 'Hood.

Re: LOOM WORLD hack. Problems about the damage
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2014, 04:57:03 PM »
hahah, good one, but lucasarts characters did die sometimes! did you play Maniac Mansion or any of the Indiana Jones games?

I looked on icelanders, but i didnt liked it too much. Which one is 'Hood? By now, we discussed the damage system on another thread, and i settled for something like this (the idea for the game is that physical combat is reserved for extreme situations, its not a game about really hacking and slashing and i hope that all serious discussions with NPCs can settle with some punches and kicks)

When you recieve Barfigth damage, roll + con (+ armor if any)
on a 10, you're allright
on a 7-9, you receive a debility, you trip or you're pinned
on a 6, you're knocked out, or have a broken limb

When you receive lethal damage, roll + con
on a 10 you're lucky: you only get a debility
on a 7-9, you're severely wounded and need immediate medical attention; each turn fighting requires a CON defy danger against blood loss.
on a 6, you're dead.
You may sacrifice a limb, weapon, armor or object to treat a result as 1 level higher.

When you receive insane damage, roll + con
on a 10, you can choose to sacrifice something to avoid getting hurt (a weapon, a limb; should be explained from the fiction)
on a 7-9, you're dead, but you get a last move. Make it epic.
on a 6, you're desintegrated and beyond resucitation.

When dealing damage, the foes roll + armor on this same tables.

Im working on the hack slowly, as real world and inspiration sometimes don't get along. But if somebody is interested, i'll gladly exchange ideas about the project (the truth is that the setting part of the game is what is taking much work; filling the gaps that the game didnt and such).
My idea is to make it a game about travel: You're a fresh journeyman from a guild of your choice, and you're sent on a coming-of-age travel in order to seek worldy wisdom in order to make your Masterwork (and thus, becoming a great master for your guild)

for those who doesn't know, the spells in that world are called "patterns", and can be spun by weavers or singt by common people. The patterns are catched directly from everywhere, by confronting their sources (an owl is a source for a "nightvision" pattern, for example".

Here are some custom moves i got for the moment.

Whenever you confront a the source of a pattern (by combat, befriending, embracing, studying, etc) and you want to catch it, describe how do you do, and roll+wis. *on a 10, you got it, and you have a +1 forward towards the source. *On a 7-9: you catch it, but you must face danger from the pattern or the pattern source.

Whenever you win an amazing challenge against a nature force on your own, or you feel that you're owed by one, you can name it and roll +cha. *on a 12, you got a bond with that force, and a +1 forward on dealing with it *on a 10: you get a bond *On a 7-9: you catch it, but you're required a quest in return by that pact.
Its custom to mark this bonds with gifts (teeth, feathers) or scars (burnt marks in the case of fire)

When you have downtime and put out word that you’re looking to take on a contract, roll
+Charm. On a hit, someone approaches you with a job: Roll 2d6: that’s what the job is worth to them, in tens of coins; take it or leave it.  On a 7-9, the job has strings attached. Either way, once the job is done, they'll find a way to pay you. If you fail to complete a contract, take -1 ongoing to this move until you prove yourself again.

Re: LOOM WORLD hack. Problems about the damage
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2014, 05:05:28 AM »
I've done a lot of work lately, and if somebody is interested, i'll post some here (though i'd have to translate it, i'm writing in spanish). But i feel like i could use some help in this question.

This hack has guilds instead of classes; i have nearly all moves regarding them; but i want to add a little thing more: Each guildmember earns XP whenever he does a certain thing (in addition of missed rolls and fulfilling quests)

I would appreciate some ideas for each "deed". Some are more obvious than others:

Thieves: Mark XP whenever they steal something withouth being caught.
Shepards: Mark XP whenever they guide correctly their "flock" (or party) during a travel
Miners: Mark XP when they uncover a secret.
Blacksmiths: Mark XP when they fulfill an oath, even an oath to themselves.
Reapers: Mark XP when they deal good old karmic justice (in their own opinion)
Actors/singers: Earn XP whenever they do something so awesome that there are tales about it.
Merchants: They earn XP whenever they close a deal.
Assassins: Mark XP when they finish a target

I need help doing the equivalent for Weavers, Glassmakers and Druids. Any ideas?