Humans Only! - Character sheet mini-hack (PDF link)

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Humans Only! - Character sheet mini-hack (PDF link)
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Hi all,

I've modified the basic DW character sheet PDF, removing the Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling races and re-labeling their moves as human life-path moves, and adding new moves to fill in the holes where Race moves had to be cut. The intent is to re-focus the character sheets on Humans for game worlds where the pointy-eared folks don't exist, or are not available as PC's.

PDF Link:

So...  Why dump the elves, dwarves, and halfings? Here are a few reasons:
•  You want elves and dwarves to be mysterious, aloof, elder races with hatreds, desires, and agendas beyond mortal ken!  Just like in those weird old fairy tails!
•  OR   You want to play a Conan or Kull style game with barbarians, crazed cultists, strange beasts, and dark sorcery. But, notably, no elves dwarves or halflings.
•  OR   You want to play a Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser style game. OR  Arthurian legend style game. Etc. No pointy ears in sight.

The primary change to the character sheets is the conversion of RACE moves to PATH moves
PATH (as in life-path) moves are meant to help fill in a character’s background. Many of the Race moves have simply been re-named as Paths. The moves that could not be easily re-worked as Human moves were cut. Many new moves have been added to fill in the gaps and flesh out the Path options so that each class has three to four Paths to work with.

Some Path move examples:

FIGHTER Path moves

WEAPONMASTER (the Elf move re-named):
Long years of practice have made you a master of your art. Choose one weapon—you can always treat weapons of that type as if they had the precise tag.

MERCENARY (the Human move re-named):
A strong arm, a keen blade, and a bit of luck have kept you alive thus far. Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else’s).

SOLDIER (new move added to flesh out  the Path selection):
You’ve trained to fight alongside others in battle, using teamwork to drive your foes before you. Once per battle, when you fight shoulder to shoulder with someone, you may choose one move from the Defend options as if you had one hold.

And the more extensively re-worked CLERIC Path moves:

SACRED CULT (same as Human Race move)
The mysteries of your cult reveal many things. Choose one wizard spell. You can cast and be granted that spell as if it was a cleric spell.

At the start of each session, you may make a prophecy regarding an unusual or unlikely event. If it’s interesting or crazy enough, the GM will make your prophecy come true. If it does, mark experience.

You are the keeper of the faith, chosen instrument of divine justice.
In civilized lands, local authorities respect or fear you. Gain +1 when Parleying with authorities.

Dwarf Race move didn't make much sense as a Human move and was cut.

So that's it.
This all started as a PDF tinkering project for my own game, and snow-balled a bit. If you're looking to run a Human-focused game, hopefully these modified character sheets will be useful to you! If you're interested, would appreciate your feedback on the modifed/new Path moves.



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Re: Humans Only! - Character sheet mini-hack (PDF link)
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Re: Humans Only! - Character sheet mini-hack (PDF link)
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Excellent city adventure piece!

Very much in the style of what I'm shooting for in my current game. My players are being drawn to just a such a place at the moment. With a few name and character tweaks, I'll definitely be able to run them through this. Thanks!



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Re: Humans Only! - Character sheet mini-hack (PDF link)
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Nice. Lemme know how it goes.