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Just curious if Lumpley deliberately intentionally designed the Quarantine to mesh with the Savvyhead and if anyone else has noticed this in play. The Quarantine has a bunch of non-working tech, the Savvyhead does tech. The Eager To Know and Oftener Right moves go together perfectly and make a pretty big OOC motivator. Its like they were made to find each other. They've both got an augury device and the potential for a medical lab. I'm starting up a game where I'm playing another Quarantine and I'm working to have the Savvyhead be the one who finds her (again).



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Heh. Well the Quarantine is definitely my favorite of the expanded playbooks, Vincent. The teamwork oriented moves, the pre-session and the special just make it feel so profoundly different from all the others. I love it for the outlook those things imply as much as (or more than) the moves and the facility.

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My favourite thing about the Quarentine is that it has no established job yet and thanks to the well rounded stats/moves/bunker it can become anything. I've had Quarentines become full on doctors or warriors without changing playbook.

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There's definitely room to move them in lots of directions. You've got potential for augury, medical, a small well armed gang and lots of barter just from Stasis options. The well rounded stats are great, although they do come at the cost of not being able to get a +3 as a basic advance. Their real job, or at least what they're good at, is teamwork. This time around I got Weird +1 and Open Your Brain whenever you Read A Person, so I can't wait to see how that plays out.