Turning Same-Sex PCs On

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Re: Turning Same-Sex PCs On
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But.. but... playing Buffy without queer content would mean no Willow and no Tara (at least)!  =:-I

Anyway...  I don't know, sometimes reading the comment from of a lot of gamers about that move, it seems that they assume that at their table it WILL be used as a sort of "turn-you-gay" ray-gun, with no respect for the characters and even less for the other players.

But if you play with people like that, that move is the very last of your problems, and the number of games you can't play is much bigger than monsterhearts...



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Re: Turning Same-Sex PCs On
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I might think that if one were to object to loss of agency dictated by the Monsterhearts rules, it would be with the Darkest Self. "How come I have to go face the monster alone just because my Chosen had sex with the Mortal? That doesn't make any sense!" Singling out Turn Someone On seems... selective.

Re: Turning Same-Sex PCs On
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I'm just always amazed people think that it's okay to be told what happens to your body in a game (combat) but that somehow people are in complete control of their emotions and what they choose to do.  Everyday life and all the things people let get out of control or are too scared to say, no matter how much they mean to, should give the lie to that notion.