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« on: April 24, 2013, 11:40:56 PM »
I'd like to introduce Apocalypse Words, http://ApocWords.net, to you Dungeon World GMs. The site is designed to be a support during prep or a game, helping to provide quick inspiration when you need it. The Dungeon World section is the most complete, but there are also pages for Apocalypse World and Call of Cthulhu.

I'll be using the DW page (http://www.apocwords.net/systems/dungeon.html), via my iPad, Saturday for my monthly session of Dungeon World. I don't intend to use the output literally all of the time, but more as inspiration when in the moment.

Take a look if you're interested and let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I've got plenty of work ahead, and I hope you find the site useful!