Aid Move - Roll + Bond

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Aid Move - Roll + Bond
« on: March 29, 2013, 05:39:15 PM »
So I'm looking at the aid/interfere move... It says to roll+bond?  I assume that's +1 for every bond written with the character they would like to aid/interfere with?  It's not entirely clear.  Thanks in advance.

Re: Aid Move - Roll + Bond
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Your assumption is right. It's easy to miss; it's mentioned not in Bonds or with the Aid/Interfere move, but as part of the instructions for character creation:

12. Choose Bonds (p. 54)
Once everyone has described their characters you can choose your bonds. You must fill in one bond but it’s in your best interest to fill in more. For each blank fill in the name of one character. You can use the same character for more than one statement.
Take some time to discuss the bonds and let the GM ask questions about them as they come up. You’ll want to go back and forth and make sure everyone is happy and comfortable with how the bonds have come out. Leave space to discover what each one might mean in play, too: don’t pre-determine everything at the start. Once everyone’s filled in their bonds read them out to the group. When a move has you roll+Bond you’ll count the number of bonds you have with the character in question and add that to the roll.

Re: Aid Move - Roll + Bond
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Slapping myself on the forehead.  Thought I'd looked there, but I obviously didn't.  Thx!   Love this game!