Landscape Fillable Character Sheets

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Landscape Fillable Character Sheets
« on: March 28, 2013, 09:28:18 PM »
I've made a collection of character sheets that are landscape, fillable pdfs.  They can be found HERE.

These are made for those of us that have problems with the small font used on the stock character sheets. Intended to be printed duplex, short edge.

These sheets utilize layers and scripts, so use Version 7 of adobe reader or later.

There are controls at the top of the first page.  One will display the fields for the HP and Load constant values and the other will display overlays containing character creation information.

There is also a blank, customizable Character Sheet and Spell Sheet included.  These are the foundation sheets that I built the rest of the base classes off of.  You can enter all of the information through Adobe Reader, however to put in custom radio buttons/check boxes on the moves you will have to use some pdf editor that can do pdf forms (I used Acrobat, I can't really comment on what else is out there).

I bow to Sage Kobold for producing the first game in many many years that has just blown me away.

EDIT: Also, the Bonds chart is intended (on the pdf fillable side of things) to be used with the comment arrow in Adobe reader to link bonds to companions.  Should be fairly obvious, but I thought I'd mention it.  Also in Adobe Reader you can press CTL-E to bring up the font/paragraph editing tool for the larger multi line fields (Moves, Magic Items, Things to Ponder).
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